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January 29, 2011

Morning Coffee (1/29/11)

Morning Coffee

Happy Saturday! There's tons of pilot and casting news today, so let's do that first. I'll put it all in a row, so if you don't care about TV news, skip down to the next paragraph break.
Minka Kelly (love!) and Rachael Taylor to Charlie's Angels.
If anyone could make me tolerate zombies, it's the CW.
HBO ordered a pilot of Aaron Sorkin's news show show. Wheee! I'm not convinced by the title More as the Story Develops, though. I like it but it's long.
The Bones spinoff has cast Geoff Stults as its lead, and I won't lie: I'm thrilled. Can we get his brother on too?
NBC ordered some sort of Brothers Grimm-based fantasy cop show, headed by Buffy's David Greenwalt.
Greg Grunberg has been cast on an A&E police drama.
I love Dreama Walker, so I might have to try Don't Trust the Bitch (and there's Rita Moreno news at that link, too).
CBS picks up David Hornsby's How to Be a Gentleman (not, as I keep misreading, Nick Hornsby), and two sports comedies, one of which sounds like Sports Night and the other of which sounds like a comedic football version of Lights Out and is produced by Mark Wahlberg. In other words, I'm in.
FOX's Family Album gets a director.
Here's more casting for USA's Eden, which is a) USA, b) involves a con artist, and c) set at a fancy New York hotel. In other words, it just became my second-most-anticipated new show. (Doesn't quite beat Sorkin.)
ABC has ordered pilots for family comedies Frickin' Family and Bad Mom and honestly, when I first saw this headline on Twitter I really, truly thought it was a joke. It is not. I don't think Ayelet Waldman is involved, either.
Okay, actual to-series orders, not just pilots: We have the ABC summer drama lineup: Missing from the people who brought us The Gates last year (because that worked so well?), some sort of Afghanistan medical drama, and season two of Rookie Blue. (I might actually catch up on that one if the DVDs come out in time.)
Jack McGee to a USA buddy cop dramedy! Tony Hale to an HBO political comedy!
Various networks picked up various comedy pilots. The only one that stands out to me is Brave New World, "a workplace comedy that follows a group of unusual characters at Pilgrim Village, a theme park that specializes in recreations of New England in 1637."

Okay! Whew! IN OTHER NEWS:

Oh no! They killed some Girl Scout Cookies! But not any of the good ones.

"Ride-In Daleks"? Whoa.

I still kind of can't believe that this is the actual new NBCUniversal logo.

Hugh Jackman will be presenting at the Oscars. In case you were concerned.

Mark Zuckerberg may - may! - appear with Jesse Eisenberg on SNL tonight.

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