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January 17, 2011

Roundup of Golden Globes Coverage


Okay, here goes . . . Actually, first, if you just want to get to the point, a list of winners.

CW stars aren't invited to such things, of course, but Nina Dobrev went to an afterparty and here she is. Cute, if a bit weave-it-yourself!

If you read nothing else, read the Fug Girls: liveblogging the red carpet, best/worst picks, and all their coverage of individual outfits

TWoP: Liveblog, Best and Worst Moments, Best and Worst Fashon

Jezebel: A treasury of celebrity facial expressions, How Did The "Elite" Ladies Of The Globes Fare?, the only two speeches you must hear, Fashion: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, a roundup of Brangelina's PDA, red carpet liveblog, liveblog

Vulture: The Five Best Parts of the night, liveblog, afterparty gossip, 16 Best Reaction Shots

Zap2It: Robert Downey, Jr. Must Host Next Year (yes!), liveblog

HitFix: Winners & Losers (in the conceptual sense, not the awards sense), best and worst fashion, liveblog

Daily Beast: Funniest Moments video

The Awl: live chat

E! Online: Fashion Police, a recap, a report from backstage

Gawker: Watch Giuliana Rancic's most annoying moment. Which is, you know, saying something.

EW: Best/Worst Style, Best/Worst Moments, a liveblog, a report from backstage

New York Times: Master of Ceremonies, Not Civility, a liveblog

TV Guide: Top Moments

Salon: The Golden Globes of hatred

TVLine: liveblog

NPR Monkey See: liveblog

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