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April 23, 2010

Things I Wish My TiVo Would Do

(I am, of course, hoping that one of you will tell me that my TiVo actually does do one or more of these things, and I've just never noticed.)

1. Let me clip recordings. What if you just want to save a particular scene or two? Or if you set the TiVo to record for extra time in case a live event went over, but then it didn't? It would be great to have a "delete from this point on" option or something like that. I'd prefer to be able to clip to whatever increment I wanted, but even clipping in 15 minute or half hour increments would help.

2. Let me make my own folders, and move things between folders. The TiVo will currently put recordings in folders by show or wish list word, if you ask it to. But sometimes I have recordings that are related but not actually called the same thing, or different things I'm saving for reference for the same project, or something. It would be great to make a folder, call it whatever I want, and move things into it.

3. Allow a "never record this episode" option. When you get a Season Pass for a show, you can have it record new episodes only or new episodes and reruns. But what if you're trying to catch up on a show in frequent reruns? Or if you like Alton Brown but don't actually need to see that one chicken episode for the twenty-seventh time? It would be nice to be able to tell it to stop recording certain episodes you've already seen.

4. Let me jump to certain points in a recording. Okay, this may be less important to those who aren't spending a lot of time writing extensive recaps of short commercials that appear in the middle of longer programs. But it would be awesome if I could tell the TiVo to go right to minute 16, say, instead of doing so much fast forwarding and rewinding.

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