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July 29, 2010

Texas Scarf!

I finally finished the scarf I started in Texas in March:

Texas scarf

I realized the other day that it just needed to have the ends woven in, so yay, it's done! I have to admit that I have no idea what the yarn is. I bought it in Texas and it was from a small local-ish company and . . . yeah, no idea. Oops. The pattern is Yarn Harlot's One-Row Scarf, which was delightful.

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July 19, 2010

Purple Seed Stitch Dishcloth

This dishcloth is in all ways unexceptional, except that it's been a while since I've posted any knitting, so I thought I might as well show you some proof that I still do finish things on occasion.

Purple Dishcloth

In some ways, this is my favorite sort of knitting. There's something empowering about thinking "Hey, I could use a new dishcloth," and then creating one from leftover materials I had lying around. And it was certainly a satisfying break from the various large-scale projects I've been working on.

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February 21, 2010

Baby Hat and Blanket

This morning I finished up two gifts for a friend's baby-to-be.

Blanket from my favorite baby blanket pattern:
Blanket for Baby Andrews
(Ravelry here.)

And my new favorite baby hat, from Knitting for Baby. (I'm pretty sure I told several people this was a Debbie Bliss pattern. It is not. Sorry for any confusion.)
Hat for Baby Andrews
(Ravelry here.)

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February 15, 2010

Zig-Zag Scarf

I made this for a church auction:
Zig-Zag Scarf
(Yes, I've decided that the piano makes a nice backdrop for knitting pictures. Especially because it's in one of the better-lit spots in the house.)

It's mistake rib, which is one of my favorite scarf stitches: easy but not boring, reversible, and unisex. Just cast on a multiple of 3 (I think I did 42 here, because, well, you know) and *K2, P1* (repeat) on each row. The yarn is Patons Classic Wool - my default worsted wool - and I've lost the ballband but I think the color is Palais. Yes, it does the zig-zaggy thing itself. Love it. I may have to make one (or several) for myself in the various colorways. (Ravelry page here.)

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February 04, 2010

Palindrome, and My Photogenic Father

I finally gave my dad his completed Palindrome scarf last weekend. (On Ravelry) I'd given him half the scarf for Christmas, but you know how it goes. Here he is wearing his new scarf:

Dad's Palindrome Scarf

Now, this photo looks pretty normal, but take a look at the other pictures I had to take first to get the one decent one:


Library Kat's Dad Making Faces photoset Library Kat's Dad Making Faces photoset

Love you, Dad!

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