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February 13, 2010

Richard Schiff on Tavis Smiley

He's charming and well-spoken as always - and pretty much admits that he's doing the show because he needed a job. (And honestly? I'm completely fine with that.) Apparently he's a D-Day freak. And his stepfather was one of Dr. King's lawyers. Oh, just watch the whole thing. It's good.

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February 09, 2010

Past Life - Tonight!

West Wing fans - Richard Schiff, a.k.a. our beloved Toby, is on a new show called Past Life starting tonight on Fox. This review doesn't make me too hopeful:

Perhaps the saddest part of all is the presence - barely - of "West Wing" alum Richard Schiff as McGinn and Whatley's boss. Schiff is an actor with a deserving Emmy on his shelf, and I don't begrudge him for picking up a paycheck, but he constantly looks puzzled both about how he got on this show and why no one's giving him anything to do. He spends the second episode in a subplot (with equally underused co-star Ravi Patel) about re-writing a grant proposal, for Pete's sake. And I believe that grant proposals are the heart of good drama even less than I believe that I might have once been a refrigerator repairman in Tupelo.
Oh, DEAR. But I'll watch anything with Richard Schiff, at least for a while.

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