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March 29, 2005

Yay! I love Violet.

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Posted by Kat at 11:30 PM

Random Tuesday morning thoughts

It is raining. Which is good, because it means it is not snowing. And I love the sound of rain on our skylight here at work. But I do not love walking or driving in it, and I have to do both today.

I need more candles. I have decided that the great big jars are really not that good, because I get tired of the scents but feel I have to use them up before I can buy more. Right now I have way too many vanilla/buttercream/etc. type scents and not enough springy things.

I did get a hydrangea-scented candle for Easter, but it is in my SO's car along with all of my other Easter presents and candy. As a result, I have not had any Easter candy since Easter. And that just feels wrong.

School is not so much fun this semester. But four weeks from tomorrow, everything will be handed in, and I will have time to breathe again. Just in time to move.

I am greatly looking forward to decorating my new apartment, but I really wish the actual moving part could just happen in my sleep or something. At least I will have lots of time so it will not be so stressful. Theoretically.

I love packages. I am expecting one from Amazon and one from Adagio Teas. In preparation for my exciting new tea, I got this puppy creamer, as well as an infuser ball and a pretty scoop to measure out the tea. I got all these at Kitchenworks in Litchfield, CT, which I think is my new favorite store. Fun.

Posted by Kat at 09:01 AM

March 25, 2005

As if I wasn't hungry enough...

Look at this. Can you IMAGINE the size basket needed for that Easter egg? The $20 I spent on candy for my boyfriend's Easter basket is suddenly seeming not so outrageous.

Posted by Kat at 11:41 AM

March 24, 2005

This could eat up lots of time.

(Yes, it's snowing again. I told you it would.)

In my reference class last night, I learned about Google Whack. Sorry if this is old news--it was the first I'd seen of it. I'm determined to find one. Some day.

Posted by Kat at 09:30 AM

March 23, 2005


I wore a denim jacket this morning. Yes, I was a little chilly, and yes, I had gloves in the pockets just in case, but still. A denim jacket. Could it be?

There are birds singing. And it's almost pleasant outside. I don't dare say it.

Of course, I'm sure there will be at least one more big snowstorm. I'm enough of a New Englander to expect that. But. Still. Oh, so excited.

Note: This is, in fact, the semester from hell. My schoolwork for the semester will be done by May 1, at which point regular blogging will recommence. I'll do the best I can since then. Quick recent happenings digest:
1. I'm moving. In April. Or May. Something like that. I love the new apartment, and it's not so far away as to be traumatic.
2. I got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday. I'm recovering, but I'd give almost anything for the ability to eat real food.
3. After doing virtually nothing craft-related for a few weeks (I TOLD you this was the semester from hell), I'm knitting again. Socks. If you're good, maybe you'll get a picture for Easter. Yes, they are Easter socks. Unless I don't finish them, in which case they are spring socks.

Posted by Kat at 09:07 AM

March 08, 2005

Oh, my goodness.

(Sorry for the absence. This semester is crazy. I'll try to do better.)

I may be moving. I hadn't planned to move, really, but I just saw the best apartment EVER. I was just going along with my friend Cory, who is actively apartment-hunting, but we both loved it and are now seriously considering trying the roommate thing. So so so so excited.

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