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January 14, 2011

Of Fairly Legal and Other USA Shows...


A few people have asked me when various USA shows are coming back, so hey, let's take a look!

First, they have a NEW show, Fairly Legal, premiering next Thursday (the 20th) at 10/9c. It seems to be about a lawyer who becomes a mediator. You know, okay, a quick aside. Before I started writing this post, I hadn't even bothered to look up a trailer for Fairly Legal. And yet I'm planning to watch it. USA is now one of two networks whose new (scripted) shows I will try sight unseen, just because I tend to like so many of the shows they already air. (The CW is the other, and USA has a better track record as far as getting me to keep watching their shows beyond an episode or two.) So, good job with branding and keeping a coherent creative vision, USA!

(Okay, I was also going to watch it because Michael Trucco is in it, and I have high hopes that I will find him totally dreamy if he is, for once, not trying to interfere with a couple I love. As is his wont.)

As far as USA's other shows, here's a schedule of when they're coming back:

White Collar: Tuesday, January 18, 10/9c
Royal Pains: Thursday, January 20, 9/8c
In Plain Sight: Spring 2011
Burn Notice: Summer 2011
Psych: Summer 2011
Covert Affairs: Sometime in 2011

Posted by Kat at January 14, 2011 07:28 PM
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