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January 14, 2011

Morning Coffee (1/14/11)

Morning Coffee

Good morning! Friday! Yay! The Golden Globes are this Sunday, so I'll be trying to get a few more things watched/reviewed, and then I'll give you a big post with my picks. AND I'll be liveblogging the ceremony itself along with Melissa over at TheTelevixen, so please come join us!

Before we get to TV and kittens or whatever, here's today's long but important, serious read: Can Europe Be Saved?

Okay, since I promised you kittens: Planet Money's Cute Animal Stock Market

Twitter's best joke. No, really. I love it.

"Bitch, it's winter."

Don't look now, but climate change is still real. Also, it has guided human history (you don't say!), and that's the sort of article on which I always want Jared Diamond's take.

Any headline starting with "J.J. Abrams offers cryptic clues" makes me giggle.

Do you want to see the first photo from Breaking Dawn, of Bella and Edward in bed? Sigh. Of course you do. Fine.

Possibly more interesting: The first photo of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.

Have questions on the whole "entail" concept in Downton Abbey (and Pride and Prejudice and half of all historical romance novels)? This might clear things up.

I love how all the gossip blogs are suddenly talking about Matthew Bellamy because he's having a baby with Kate Hudson. E! Online has five things to know about him, and according to my personal Muse expert, they're even mostly true.

Headline of the Day: Vermonters Blast McDonald's for Violating Strict Maple Syrup Law

Holden Caulfield Sucks

Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend broke up. Anyone else COMPLETELY forget they were together in the first place?

I was considering going to see The Green Hornet, but maybe not.

Some TV news: Charlie's Angels: on. Rockford Files: off.

James Franco's project of the week: producing a musical at Yale.

I have lost all hope for our society: A Pac-Man reality series? REALLY?

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