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January 18, 2011

Morning Coffee (1/18/11)

Morning Coffee

Happy Tuesday! I'm blithely pretending that this snow-turning-to-freezing-rain will not affect my commute in any way. How are you?

Today is the birthday of two friends. Happy birthday, Liza and Jack!

Headline of the day: Caligula's tomb found after police arrest man trying to smuggle statue

New album from the Strokes (and not, as I originally typed, the Storks): March 22

BAFTA nominations!

Saving rare map of New York

After Tunisia, Is Egypt Next?

Chris Christie is not running for president. Today. Right now. Yet.

They're cloning mammoths. Just to warn you.

All I want in life is for my Target to start carrying groceries.

Steve Jobs is taking medical leave from Apple. Get well, Steve!

If this rumor about Jake Gyllenhaal and Camilla Belle is true . . . God, I don't even know. Well, I guess Belle can continue to get attention for dating Taylor Swift's exes and Swift can keep writing songs about it, so everyone's happy?

Ryan Murphy says Anne Hathaway is coming to Glee, but I don't trust stories about Glee anymore, even (especially?) when they're from Murphy himself.

Star Trek 2 may be in 3D. Or not. It's totally unclear.

Starbucks is unveiling a new 31 oz. size, and because I am everything wrong with America, I was really excited about this until I realized it's only for a few specific cold drinks that I never order anyway.

Is Jon Hamm really too old to play Superman? Uh, no?

Your new Spartacus: Liam McIntyre

The best theory about Miley Cyrus I've ever read.

Alyssa was fairly positive about Harry's Law. Sepinwall was not. (I'm planning to watch it tonight.)

Hear the Jurassic Park theme slowed down 1000%. You know, if you want.

Posted by Kat at January 18, 2011 07:18 AM

I heard the Jurassic Park thing yesterday, but it was said to be 90% slower, not 1000%. Now, it's 1/10th the speed and 10 times longer (54 minutes vs. 5.4 minutes). I guess it's 1000% its original length? But is that "slowed down 1000%"? I don't think so. I guess we need a unit of measure for "slower."

Posted by: Jack at January 18, 2011 10:12 AM
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