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January 28, 2011

Morning Coffee (1/28/11)

Morning Coffee

Happy Friday! Finally. I know I'm inconsistent about the amount of real news I mention here, but there's so much going on that I think we need a quick roundup, and I'm giving you links all from the Times because it's quicker that way: There's unrest in Egypt and the Internet and cell phones have been "turned off." Tunisia's interim government is purging the Cabinet. Rahm is back on the ballot. Mike Pence is not running for President, but may run for governor. And pretty pretty Jay Carney is your new White House Press Secretary.

That Burn Notice prequel movie? Sounds like it's coming THIS SPRING. Whee!

This will be useful to bookmark as we head toward the spring: TV Renewal Scorecard

Ahem. Sweet Valley High: The Musical!

An interesting read: The Lessons You Learn When You Write About TV For Money. Actually, I have learned many of those lessons while writing about TV for no money.

Wondering why Toy Story 3 is an adapted screenplay or Hailee Steinfeld is a supporting actress? Answers are here. And here's a great Best Picture Cheat Sheet from NPR. And If Best Picture Movie Posters Told the Truth.

People still fax things?

Kristen Stewart as Snow White? I could be convinced.

It's looking more likely that the O author is Mark Salter.

I adore Alan Menken.

Patti Smith is . . . writing a mystery novel? Okay then. I just want to know how she knows it's exactly 68% done.

Lifetime is making a William and Kate movie!!!

Know Your Veils: A Guide to Head Coverings

Vampire Diaries fans: This guy may be playing Klaus. MAYBE. Other sites say it's way less of a done deal than this makes it sound.

Posted by Kat at January 28, 2011 06:57 AM

Nooo! Detroit 187 can't be on the verge of cancellation. Everyone, watch it.

Posted by: Carrie#K at January 28, 2011 03:26 PM
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