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February 28, 2011

Morning Coffee (2/28/11)

Morning Coffee

Ah, Monday, grumble grumble. I let myself sleep in a little because I was up late watching the Oscars, and then I had to shovel out my car before doing anything else, so you're getting the quick and dirty here.

The Oscar show was thoroughly weird, and I'm sure you'll be reading about that everywhere today. If I find any particularly good/interesting takes, I'll post them tomorrow. In the mean time, here are the winners.

Tonight's TV picks: The second part of that two-parter of Castle! Also: Chicago Code, Gossip Girl, HIMYM, Being Human, Pretty Little Liars, Mad Love.

The other big news last night: Andrew Sullivan and his team have left The Atlantic and are headed for the Daily Beast. Huh.

How The Social Network Saved Mark Zuckerberg

Your James Franco project of the day

Vampire Sound of Music? Must we?

Posted by Kat at February 28, 2011 07:51 AM
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