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February 16, 2011

Vampire Diaries Meaning Through Music: "Crying Wolf"

TV: The Vampire Diaries

Sorry this is so late! I will be more prompt next week, I promise.

Free Energy - "All I Know"
While it's playing . . . Bonnie and Caroline talk at the Grill; Matt gives Caroline a dirty look but she's not sure why.
What it says . . .

And I know what a fake looks like
I saw him come out tonight
And that's hard, so hard

Well, I can't let go
That's all I know

How it fits . . . Caroline knows she's lying to Matt, and knows he knows, and she knows she should give him up for his own good, but she can't. And while it seems on paper like it would be better for him, I'm not actually convinced that it would be better for either of them to be apart at this point. Hmm.

Smith Westerns - "All Die Young"
While it's playing . . . Matt and Caroline talk about how Caroline's lying to him.
What it says . . .

It takes all my time to be in love with you
It takes all of my time, what do I do?

All die young
When love is love and when you are young

How it fits . . . Wow, the music is really angsty about Matt and Caroline this week, huh? Aside from the obvious connection to them, this show is all about people dying young: Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Mason, Anna, Vicki, Isobel, just to name a few. And the big question of the season is whether Elena, too, will die young (either as a sacrifice or by turning).

Ladyhawke - "Manipulating Woman"
While it's playing . . . Bonnie witch-roofies Luka at the Grill.
What it says . . .

Better not try to get inside my head, you'll find a nightmare waiting
You make it worse
Leave it to the ones who know me, playing that game will only hurt you
You make it worse and never better

Manipulating woman, you're making friends and using them all up
Manipulating woman, you must be used to the pain

How it fits . . . Well, obviously, Bonnie is literally manipulating Luka here. But really, this sounds like it could be Katherine's theme song. (Where is Katherine? I want her back! Someone get her out of that tomb.) And it presages the way Elena is currently manipulating the boys to some extent by not exactly making it clear that she knows that if she goes through with her deal with Elijah, she'll die.

Kyler England - "You Wait for Rain"
While it's playing . . . Stefan cooks and is cute with Elena, she gets nostalgic about her parents, they make out, he finds the secret room.
What it says . . .

It's more than a crack in the wall
It's a whole lot bigger than we thought
A hammer and nail won't fix it this time
So bring on the wrecking ball

It's like we've been drifting along
Pretending like nothing's wrong
We play the game, keep up the charade

How it fits . . . During this trip, Elena finally brought up the elephant in the room: the possibilities for a future with Stefan. They didn't really confront it, but at least it's out there now, so the "charade" is a little less complete. I suppose it's unfair to accuse them of "drifting along" when they've been dealing with all of these life-or-death situations, but I'm glad this issue is out in the open. Also, Stefan may have taken the "bring on the wrecking ball" line too literally, as he immediately starts ripping the house apart.

Matthew West - "Family Tree"
While it's playing . . . Bonnie and Jeremy finally kiss, and Tyler takes his leave of his family and friends.
What it says . . . Sorry, quoting a lot here, because it's SO APPROPRIATE.

You didn't ask for this
Nobody ever would
Caught in the middle of this dysfunction
It's your sad reality
It's your messed up family tree
And all you're left with all these questions

Are you gonna be like your father was and his father was?
Do you have to carry what they've handed down?

No, this is not your legacy
This is not your destiny
Yesterday does not define you
No, this is not your legacy
This is not your meant to be
I can break the chains that bind you

I have a dream for you
It's better than where you've been
It's bigger than your imagination
You're gonna find real love
And you're gonna hold your kids
You'll change the course of generations

And just like the seasons change
Winter into spring
You're bringing new life to your family tree now

How it fits . . . Oh, gosh, how doesn't it fit? The theme of dysfunctional families and legacies could apply to literally every character on the show in one way or another, and they're all trying to break out of the established patterns and figure out what's actually right. The first verse plays during Bonnie and Jeremy's kiss, which is perfect, because they're both caught up by their families in events they can't control but care about too much to not get involved. The bit about finding real love and holding your kids played when Matt was on screen, which almost made me cry, because Matt is one of the few characters who still has any chance of having a normal life, and yet we know he probably won't, because of his love for Caroline. "You'll change the course of generations" sounds like a reference to breaking the curse (or not), and made me think about how much pressure there is on Elena from every direction, including her own conscience. (If she goes through with the sacrifice, sure, it will save the people she loves, but it will also turn vampires lose on the world, and most of them aren't as nice as Stefan or even Damon.) And the ending about seasons changing and bringing new life to the family tree played as Tyler left with Jules to figure himself out. Come back soon, Ty!

Posted by Kat at February 16, 2011 08:28 PM
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