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February 09, 2011

Why You Should Be Watching Justified

TV: Justified

Season two of Justified premieres tonight on FX, and here are some reasons why you should be watching, but first, a trailer for the new season to give you a taste:

1. It feels different from anything else on TV. They've done a great job of creating this world that's fascinating and terrifying and yet somehow life-affirming, all at once.

2. You can catch up quickly. I really would recommend seeing season one first, but there are only thirteen episodes, and the DVDs aren't that expensive (and Netflix has them). It's worth it, I promise.

3. Raylan Givens is one of the most complex characters on TV, and I love me a complex character. Especially one who's so pretty and so awesome, all at once.

4. I was on a Q&A call with star Timothy Olyphant yesterday, and he's seriously the most charming, self-effacing guy imaginable. If his face and his voice hadn't already made me want to watch everything he's ever done, his attitude certainly would have.

5. They made a "Han Shot First" commercial. I mean, REALLY.

6. There's a love triangle with two girls after the same guy, and it's kind of refreshing, because I feel like we always see two guys after the same girl. Also, the characters all more or less act like the adults they are.

7. This interview with the showrunner should get you interested, too.

8. It's based on the works of the great Elmore Leonard, and you can read "Fire in the Hole," the short story that formed the basis for the pilot, here for free.

9. There's lots of shooting. That's not something I'm in favor of in actuality, of course, but watching it is a nice way to unwind after a long day.

10. Did I mention that Timothy Olyphant is hot? I know, I did, but really, it's worth pointing out again. He also wears a cowboy hat most of the time, which manages to be awesome rather than dorky, somehow.

Posted by Kat at February 9, 2011 07:27 AM
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