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February 09, 2011

Morning Coffee (2/9/11)

Morning Coffee

Good morning! I'm so much more chipper when I get up before six. I just need to REMEMBER this when the alarm goes off.

New feature: Tonight's TV picks: There's a new Blue Bloods, and don't you dare miss the series premiere of Mr. Sunshine or season premiere of Justified. (More on both of those in a bit.)

Lots of shows have been filming in Canada recently, and now they're even recreating specific cities on what sounds like an ongoing basis (rather than just using a street scene for a show or two). That's kind of nifty.

Cobie Smulders will be in The Avengers! Yay.

Your James Franco Project of the Day

10 Shows That Should Do Real-Time Episodes. I particularly like the Community idea.

Top 10 Best-Dressed First Ladies

FYA reviews another old favorite: Madeleine L'Engle's And Both Were Young

The Times reviewer really, really didn't like the new Spider-Man musical.

Vulture's Gossip Girl Reality Index for the week

3-D Royal Wedding Ruled Out By Palace. Thank you, Your Majesty.

Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator

Haley Barbour: the closest a 2012 candidate will get to actually being endorsed by Ronald Reagan.

Want to learn more about Doctor Who? Here's a handy infographic.

10 Bizarre Love Triangles in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Michael Oher's book actually sounds pretty interesting.

Whoa: The Invisible American Welfare State

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