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February 15, 2011

Morning Coffee (2/15/11)

Morning Coffee

It's only Tuesday? Really?

Tonight's TV picks: No White Collar. Boo. I'm excited about The Good Wife and Lights Out. Also: Glee, No Ordinary Family, Traffic Light, Parenthood.

Pacino as Matisse? Huh.

I don't agree with everything in this piece on Sepinwall and TV criticism, but it's an interesting read.

William and Kate: the graphic novel.

Just stop, kids.

Glenn Beck continues his habit of not really listening to the lyrics of the music he espouses and then getting all upset after the fact.

Eva Gabrielsson's side of the story should be interesting.

Jared Padalecki's evolving hair. (It was a hard choice, but I picked season three.)

The Great Gatsby: The Nintendo game.

A few belated Valentine-themed links:
THE CUTEST THING EVER, at least for Taylor Swift fans. (Explanation here.)
Pros and Cons of TV's Most Eligible Singles
Who's your TV valentine? (Rick Castle all the way. Or, okay, if I'm being super honest, Chuck Bartowski. Not too shabby either way.)
TV's Best Love Triangles
And last but certainly not least: a demonic valentine from Sarah Rees Brennan.

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