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January 05, 2011

So proud...

Politics and Policy

My brother Dave, a government major at Colby College, has a letter to the editor in our hometown paper in response to a letter about President Obama's eligibility to be president: Obama's eligibility to serve as president is not in doubt. It seems that the letter to which he's replying can't be viewed online without a subscription, but it focused on the idea that a child of non-citizen parents (even if the child is a citizen) is ineligible, so that's why Dave specifically shot down that idea.

If Mr. Greenberg does not agree with President Obama's economic, social or foreign policies, then he should prove they do not benefit the United States. . . . It is time to move on, and for people who believe as Mr. Greenberg does to focus their political energies on real issues.
And the next time Mr. Greenberg decides to include our nation's most venerated political document in his argument, maybe it would be wise to read it thoroughly.
Nice work, Dave!

Posted by Kat at January 5, 2011 07:27 AM

It always makes me crazy how ignorant people are when it comes to citizenship. We are ALL descendants of immigrants, plain and simple. Unless you are native American, you technically will never be a full-on citizen of this nation. ;)

Posted by: Sherry at January 5, 2011 10:09 AM
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