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May 31, 2011

Which new summer shows should you try?

Tomorrow is June, and summer TV will be starting! Here are eight new shows that I think might be worth a peek, depending on your interests . . .

If you like unconventional, possibly wacky, lawyer shows . . .

Try Franklin & Bash on TNT on June 1:

or USA Network's Suits on June 23:

If you're looking for science fiction . . .

Try TNT's Falling Skies on June 19:

or Alphas on Syfy on July 11:

If you miss football season . . .

Try USA Network's Necessary Roughness on June 29:

If you need a fix of supernatural teens . . .

Don't miss MTV's Teen Wolf on June 5:

or The Nine Lives of Chloe King on ABC Family on June 14:

And if you prefer your teen drama straight up . . .

Look for ABC Family's Switched at Birth, premiering June 6:

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Morning Coffee (5/31/11)

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. (Or just a great weekend, if you're not in the US.) Sorry for the lack of posts - I didn't mean to totally disappear like that, but I think I needed the break. But now Morning Coffee is BACK, in a slightly different format - instead of a list of links you should read, I'm going to give you a sort of cultural to-do list for the day. So we'll see how that goes. Let me know if you like it!

Visit the new and improved ThinkProgress.org, especially Alyssa Rosenberg's new culture blog.

Tweet happy birthday to YA author Robin Wasserman, and pick up one of her books while you're at it.

Watch this video about Colin Hanks' documentary project about Tower Records:

Then head over to KickStarter to pledge your support. I did!

Local folk - stop in at Crush Pizza today for their grand opening. I am SO excited about this place, as I live in hope of finding decent pizza in New Hampshire.

If you're on Tumblr, follow me at KateLinnea. Warning: That feed is less about the content and more about an endless stream of pictures of hot actors, pretty landscapes, and Nina Dobrev and Taylor Swift being flawless.

And check back here later for my recommendations for summer TV shows to try.

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May 12, 2011

Programming Note

Good morning! The Morning Coffee feature is going to go on hiatus for a while, to give me time to focus on other projects, including resuming the Demon's Lexicon discussion posts and getting a bunch of other book reviews done and posted. (And some non-blog stuff.) I'll still do some occasional link round-ups, because I just can't help myself, but it won't be every morning. Thanks for understanding!

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May 11, 2011

Morning Coffee (5/11/11)

Good morning. The cat does not seem to want to let me sleep, ever, so I'm grumpy this morning.

Tonight's TV pick: Breaking In

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are off on their honeymoon.

I keep hearing about Portal 2, and this piece has convinced me to give it a try at some point.

Meet Disney's new tween star.

Listen to Modest Mouse cover "That'll Be the Day." Um... huh.

Potential vague Fringe spoilers, but what if Joshua Jackson had never existed?

Google is launching a cloud music service.

How Your American Girl Doll Shaped the Rest of Your Life

Jamelle Bouie explains why it makes sense for poor people to have cell phones.

Masked Identity Politics

Evil Overlord Romance? Yes please!

Fascinating: The Tragedy of Sarah Palin

"Barders" and Classism

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May 10, 2011

Morning Coffee (5/10/11)

Happy Tuesday! I . . . apparently don't have much for you this morning. Huh. Sorry.

Tonight's TV picks: The Good Wife and Body of Proof

Gingrich is in.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver are separating.

Samoa is jumping ahead a day. Hee.

Mitt Romney's South Carolina problem

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May 09, 2011

TV Trailer: Hell on Wheels

This doesn't look anything like what I expected, actually. But it does look awesome.

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Trailer: Page One

Ooh, this looks fascinating.

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Morning Coffee (5/9/11)

Happy Monday. Or something.

Tonight's TV picks: Castle, The Chicago Code, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl

The Duchess of Cambridge: grocery shopping like the rest of us!

The Six Most Hateful Things About Something Borrowed

The Trials of Kaplan Higher Ed and the Education of the Washington Post Company

Neat: Aerial surveys of Viking shipyard on Skye

So sad: After Elisabeth Sladen's unexpected death, the BBC has confirmed that The Sarah Jane Adventures are over.

The Maine senators don't like each other much.

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May 05, 2011

Trailer: Immortals

Oh hi, Henry Cavill.

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Morning Coffee (5/5/11)

Happy Thursday!

Tonight's TV Picks: Vampire Diaries, Community, Bones, The Mentalist

Hilarious: Rob Lowe watches old footage of Rob Lowe

Eat Your Cultural Vegetables "Am I laughing because I get the jokes or because I know what jokes sound like?"

Sorkin's new show sounds exactly like everything else he's done and I cannot wait.

Summer Movie Decision Tree!

Man beats up his cousin because of Game of Thrones

The state of Sbarro

I'm a few episodes behind on Camelot, but this is hilarious anyway.

Here are some good royal wedding links, for anyone not sick of it yet:
Kate's Dress from Every Angle
The royal wedding doesn't make women dumb.
Some wedding highlights
A review of Kate's dress
In Defense of Frivolous Royal Watching
Lipreaders are on the case.
How British and American coverage differed.

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May 04, 2011

Morning Coffee (5/4/11)

Good morning! Sorry I've been quiet. Still unpacking. Gah. Let's try to catch up on some links I've had lying around...

Tonight's TV Picks: Breaking In and Justified

Andrew Morton has a royal wedding book out ALREADY. Wow.

A history of birtherism

Politics turns on parties, not policies.

Spencer Ackerman's story about a possible spy on Twitter is fascinating.

In Defense of Entertainment

Eric Bolling and the Case of the Time Traveling Doctor

A New Era of Innuendo

Apparently there's a new Broadway musical based on the Shirelles, and they're suing.

Fun with statistics: The Senate is way more Mormon and Jewish than the country.

When countries disappear, do monarchs keep their titles?

This profile of FBI director Robert Mueller is long but worth it.

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