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May 05, 2011

Morning Coffee (5/5/11)

Morning Coffee

Happy Thursday!

Tonight's TV Picks: Vampire Diaries, Community, Bones, The Mentalist

Hilarious: Rob Lowe watches old footage of Rob Lowe

Eat Your Cultural Vegetables "Am I laughing because I get the jokes or because I know what jokes sound like?"

Sorkin's new show sounds exactly like everything else he's done and I cannot wait.

Summer Movie Decision Tree!

Man beats up his cousin because of Game of Thrones

The state of Sbarro

I'm a few episodes behind on Camelot, but this is hilarious anyway.

Here are some good royal wedding links, for anyone not sick of it yet:
Kate's Dress from Every Angle
The royal wedding doesn't make women dumb.
Some wedding highlights
A review of Kate's dress
In Defense of Frivolous Royal Watching
Lipreaders are on the case.
How British and American coverage differed.

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