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April 12, 2011

Morning Coffee (4/12/11)

Morning Coffee

I keep thinking it's at least Wednesday, but no, it's only Tuesday.

Tonight's TV Picks: The Good Wife and Body of Proof

Mitt Romney is officially running. With a logo that looks like Aquafresh and a slogan that Kerry used in 2004, this can't possibly end poorly.

The Orange Prize shortlist is out! I must admit I have read none of these books (yet).

Crime is wrong, and all, but this is the most awesome thing ever: a real-life jewelry store heist based on a Sherlock Holmes story.

Good news: Tastykake found a buyer.

Richard Castle has a shiny new site.

This is not the best way to tamp down rumors, FBI.

Oh, NO: 42% of college graduates never read another book.

I was going to say something about Katie Roiphe but I don't even want to link to her thing. Let's just say I'm Team Waldman all the way.

John Lennon's letters will be published.

These photographs of girls and their bedrooms are fascinating.

Gossip Girl fans! Here's a rather exciting trailer for the rest of the season.

I know we're past the shutdown thing, but you should read Jamelle Bouie's take anyway. Plus, it's his birthday. Happy birthday, Jamelle!

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