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April 05, 2011

Morning Coffee (4/5/11)

Morning Coffee

Good morning! UConn won! I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I'm from CT, so, you know, yay!

Tonight's TV Picks: The series finale (alas) of Lights Out. Also: The Good Wife and Body of Proof.

VP Biden cemented his position as basically My Favorite Ever by speaking out against sexual violence at UNH yesterday. Two favorite quotes: "No means no even if you said yes at first and you changed your mind." "You want to measure your manhood, measure it by the gumption you have to speak up."

President Obama kicked off his re-election campaign yesterday. What you need to read, of course, is John Dickerson's take.

The Hunger Games has found its Peeta and Gale: Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. The Internet is pretty upset. I am enthusiastic about Hutcherson and have no opinion about Hemsworth. Also, TWoP has some good ideas for the minor characters.

Dear Slate, please stop encouraging people to hit on retail employees who HAVE to be polite and generally can't escape.

Dear Gov. LePage, when even your own GOP senators are telling you to tone it down, you might want to rethink some things.

This is a fascinating takedown of what sounds like a really infuriating book about literature.

I haven't had a chance to read this all yet, but if you're interested in Sandra Lee, don't miss the new NYMag profile.

I agree with Yglesias that TV would be better if the business model supported shows knowing they had a set number of seasons/episodes in advance.

Deanna Raybourn on supposedly-sympathetic characters she hates. Man, I thought I was the only one who hated Helen Burns.

An introduction to pulp fiction in Europe before 1914

Easter candy dessert taco plate Uh . . . wow.

The Royal Wedding in Legos

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