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March 29, 2011

Morning Coffee (3/29/11)

Morning Coffee

It's . . . Tuesday? Yes. Tuesday. Not Wednesday, as I keep thinking. But I finally got my movers scheduled yesterday, so yay!

Tonight's TV Picks: Series premiere of Body of Proof! Also: The Good Wife and Lights Out

Jennifer Garner as Miss Marple? I . . . I don't even know. Unless it's a prequel. Is it a prequel? That would be a little better.

TIME releases its list of the 140 Best Twitter Feeds of All Time. And it took me way too long to realize why they picked 140.

A Birtherism Lexicon

He NEVER RECOGNIZED Fergus Cullen? Dude, Giuliani has no chance. But we knew that already.

The Burdens of Female Politicians

How to Beat the Salad Bar is funny but kind of misses the point.

If you haven't read the Hunger Games series and want to know what everyone's going on about, here's a decent cheat sheet.

Alyssa Rosenberg makes me less inclined to just write off Sucker Punch.

I like the idea of dollar coins.

Royal Wedding Cakes Revealed! Really, a McVitie's cake sounds like the best thing ever, and I'm determined to make my own.

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