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March 28, 2011

Morning Coffee (3/28/11)

Morning Coffee

Happy Monday! I'm in a productive mood. Let's hope it lasts.

Tonight's TV Picks: Make It or Break It starts its new season. Also: Being Human and Castle

YA author Diana Wynne Jones passed away over the weekend. I have to admit that I haven't read her (yet), but you should definitely read Neil Gaiman's memories of her regardless.

Armie Hammer as the prince in Snow White? Sure. (Note: This is not the Kristen Stewart Snow White. Apparently we're getting several. Or at least two.)

Tom Hooper's next project: Les Mis. That could be fun, although I'd rather a miniseries faithful to the novel than a movie of the musical. Oh well.

George Harrison forgave Patti Boyd. Aww.

An important point: Selective Fetal Personhood.

TV movies based on Sarah Mlynowski books! Whee.

Sucker Punch sounds so bad, and we were all so hopeful. Sigh.

Apparently there's an "insatiable appetite" to challenge Gov. Lynch. Joy.

How the Filibuster Wrecked the Roman Senate

Leaving aside the (very good and valid) point about gender and race that others have made, the strained Brat Pack references in this article make it a thoroughly weird read.

Sci-Fi Hero Samplers! Want.

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