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September 25, 2005

Phase Two


So I feel I am making sufficient progress on the endless baby blanket to start thinking about other things, if not actually knitting them. (Want to see? Click here if you're not Aaralyn's mommy.) I knit all day today, which watching Angels in America and In America. Both were very good, and I'd definitely recommend them. Anyway, the blanket is going decently, and if I finish this ball of yarn tonight I get to start the RCP (roommate Christmas present).

Now that I have time to think about other projects, I believe I have moved into Phase Two of holiday knitting, according to the schema presented in Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter. I'm going to put my list here... read on if you're not expecting to be in, say, the top ten people on my Christmas list. (And no online friends are on the knitted gifts list at this point, if that makes it easier. It's basically all family with two exceptions.)

I'm concentrating on close family and roommate first, then maybe a few friends. So, the list so far:

1. Mom: Orenburg-Style Scarf. Started it last fall but didn't get very far.
2. Dad: Irish Hiking Scarf in red Harrisville New England Highland. I think I'm going to make four cables across instead of three, though.
3. Brother: Bright red scarf. (That and the Dad one are what I've been calling the Stupid Bright Red Scarves. The reason for them is that red is my brother's football team's color.) I have the yarn (Classic Elite Princess), but I'm not totally sure of the pattern yet... ribbed? Hmm. What would a 15-year-old boy find sufficiently cool?
4. Aunt: Baltic Sea Stole, started a few months ago. You can see my last post on it here - it hasn't gotten much farther than that yet.
5. Godmother: probably a scarf. No further plan yet.
6. Grandparents: State Dishcloths for the states where they, their kids, and grandkids live. (FL, CT, OH, NH) Yes, I planned to do this last year, but didn't get there.
7. Roommate: Campus Scarf
8. Friend (ex-boyfriend, actually): not sure, but thinking a hat. Was planning a vest, but he's, um, dropped a bit on my Christmas gift priority list. I assume that's understandable.

So. That's all, um, sane and reasonable and doable, right?

Posted by Kat at September 25, 2005 09:10 PM

How is the Cl. Elite Princess? I have yet to see it in real life.

Posted by: Lauren at September 25, 2005 10:20 PM

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