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September 24, 2005

Joining the Trek.


So at the Sheep Shack on Thursday I did not buy any Trekking. Just for the record. I did, however, hold some so I would not be the odd one out in the picture. And I liked it. A lot. But I put it back on the shelf like a good girl, as I was already buying ridiculous amounts of bright red yarn for the Stupid Bright Red Scarves. (I think it's a very good sign that I started calling them that the day I bought the yarn, don't you?)

But then... Stephanie posted the picture on her blog. (I know, really. What did I think she was going to do with it?) And I started feeling a little guilty. And remorseful. There I was, holding the lovely Trekking for everyone to see, but I didn't really have any. I felt like a fraud. A Trekking-less fraud. By the time I happened to stop by my LYS today, it was just about unbearable. So.

Isn't it pretty? I, um, justified it with the fact that it looks like it will be cute with my new kitty shoes. So now . . . what do I do with it? I mean, I know: knit socks. I understand that much. But . . . patterns? (I'm thinking I want to use size 1 needles.) Help? Steph? Cate? Anyone?

The real reason I went to the yarn store is because my roommate is away for the week, so it seemed like a good time to start on his Christmas present. (Yes, I have to finish the baby blanket first. Shush.) Click here if you don't live with me. I am not particularly looking forward to weaving in all those ends, but he's a pretty amazing guy, and he deserves it. (By the way, there were at least six total strangers [and a dog] standing in my driveway while I carefully posed the yarn and took the pictures. That should get me some Real Knitter points, right? Of course, because this is New Hampshire, they didn't say anything, but I'm sure they thought I was totally insane.)

At the store, I ran into Folkcat. Here's the obligatory blogging-you-blogging-me photo:

And one of us together, taken by her husband Gryphon:

He also took one of us knitting together, but apparently we both had rather unfortunate facial expressions at that moment, so you don't need to see it. Really. Anyway, it was great running into them - such fun encountering a blogger around town!

Posted by Kat at September 24, 2005 10:55 PM

Hey, I know your LYS! I've been there several times, in fact, usually on my way to Keene, and right before I stop at Brookside Mkt for coffee. Deb has a nice wall of accessories, a great book selection, and some very nice yarns - especially considering the limited storage space in her shop!

Posted by: Caroline in NH at September 25, 2005 08:32 AM

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