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April 04, 2011

Morning Coffee (4/4/11)

Morning Coffee

Ah, Monday, we meet again.

Tonight's TV Picks: Castle, Being Human, Make It or Break It

Country music seems to have a lot of different award shows, but anyway, the Academy of Country Music Awards were last night and my darling Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year. Zap2it has a gallery of the best and worst of the award show here. There were a lot of rather unexpected people there. Huh. And the Jake Gyllenhaal "joke" was why I can't watch country music award shows, even though I like a lot of country music.

I'm not usually an audiobook fan, but this teaser for City of Fallen Angels has me convinced to try this one. In other Cassie Clare-adjacent news, Lily Collins as Snow White? Sure. Meanwhile, it should surprise absolutely no one that someone's doing a Sleeping Beauty remake, too.

Gone with the Wind is the original post-apocalyptic epic

No no no no no please no.

Are mermaids the new vampires? Or maybe zombies were the new vampires and mermaids are the new zombies? Whatever.

Oh look, a dress made of Little Golden Books.

Wow. Mobbed DOES have everything we hate in one place.

I know I'm a nerd, but I am SO EXCITED for How the States Got Their Shapes.

Oh, Real America...

What do people read on the subway?

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