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March 08, 2011

Pilot Review: Breakout Kings


Breakout Kings, which premiered on A&E Sunday night, is about two mismatched U.S. Marshals who put together a team of convicts to catch fugitives. So it's basically exactly at the crossroads of White Collar and Chase as far as plot, and that's also where it seems to be as far as quality. It's nowhere near as good as White Collar - few shows are - but the pilot was at least watchable, unlike Chase. The plot involving the fugitive they had to catch was neither particularly interesting nor particularly poorly done, but the characters were different enough to warrant a second look. (I'll watch practically anything if I really like the characters.) Unfortunately, my favorite character seems to have been replaced after the pilot, and there's a solid chance that they're going to slip into the rut of having each character have One Big Issue that makes them Quirky and Interesting. But for now, I'm curious enough about the evolving dynamics of the group to keep watching. You can watch the pilot online here.

Posted by Kat at March 8, 2011 07:29 AM
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