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November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving! Politics! Fun of all sorts!

Today on the Internets

Good evening! How are you? I am tired but not very sleepy, and I hate that combination, because I actually have time to sleep at the moment. Oh well. I am tired because I worked approximately forever tonight - about four extra hours - so I can leave early on Wednesday. And I need to leave early on Wednesday because . . .

Thanksgiving Plans

Remember my cousin Liz? You have heard her thoughts on hand lotion and Gossip Girl and maybe some other things. Anyway, she's home for Thanksgiving, so obviously I must see her. I'm going to leave work around two on Wednesday and drive to a pretty little town outside of Boston to have dinner with Liz and her parents and brother, and wait out the worst (I hope) of rush hour. Then later in the evening I'll head to my parents' house in Connecticut, so I will be there to wake up early Thursday morning to cook* and watch the parade and liveblog. We're having dinner at one aunt's house, but since I don't get home that often I want to see the other side of the family too, so I'll be driving to another aunt's house for dessert. And then back to my parents' house for a few days. Lots of driving, but I have convinced myself that that is PART OF THE FUN. Right?

I realized today that one of the reasons why I love Thanksgiving and Christmas is that people suddenly start publishing SCHEDULES ALL OVER THE PLACE and no one thinks they're nuts. Here's one. For my fellow vegetarians: Serious Eats has vegetarian main dish options, and Maureen Johnson tweets her vegetarian gravy-making process.

* I have apparently decided that I didn't actually have enough cooking to do, because I think I'm going to add Maureen Johnson's vegetarian gravy to the list. My mom has to work Thursday morning, and she said I can do what I want in the kitchen while she's gone, so it shouldn't be a problem. Right, Mom? :)

The Campaign Never Ends

Miss campaign season already? Would an Angle campaign postmortem cheer you up? Here you go. And here's an awful ad the campaign never aired.

Meanwhile, Vice President Biden tries and fails to keep a straight face while discussing Palin's 2012 prospects.

Slate's updates from the President's Facebook feed are hilarious as always.

I was going to make some "Ezra Klein makes everything political" joke, but he doesn't, and charity really is, so. Just read the column.

Other Stuff
(I know that's a nondescript subject heading. Shut up; I'm tired.)

Shep Smith goes deep on car chases.

On the anniversary of Kennedy's assassination, The Atlantic brings us myths about the conspiracy debate.

Salon rounds up the worst columnists and commentators in America.

Carina and Tierney are basically IN MY BRAIN with this list of casting suggestions for Klaus on The Vampire Diaries.

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