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November 21, 2010

Massive Weekend Link Roundup!

Today on the Internets

Hello! Now that I've made my word count, I can get back to doing things like dishes and laundry and showing you links. But first, let's going to discuss some things that will be going on around here . . .

Preview of Coming Attractions

In general, I'm really enjoying writing fewer, longer posts, so I am going to stick with that for now. Subject to change in the future, of course. On the other hand, I know some of you are missing Morning Coffee. Starting after Thanksgiving, we will have Morning Cheer each morning through December. That will have at LEAST a holiday song for you, and hopefully some links and stuff too. Once we hit January, I'll try to do Morning Coffee most days.

On Thanksgiving: I will be live-blogging the Macy's Parade, my cooking adventures, and possibly my annual argument with my brother about whether the parade is worth watching! So you have that to look forward to. Or dread. Whichever.

On Black Friday, this blog will become THE CHEER FACTORY. I have a whole list of ways I will be spreading CHEER in December, and you'll get a list that day. (And if you have ideas or requests, let me know!) A few have asked what CHEER means. Basically, it's short for holiday cheer or Christmas cheer. I'll explain a little more about why I'm using it that way soon.

Things to Watch

Alec Baldwin has done some weirdly sincere commercials for Wegmans. No one seems to really understand why. Now, Wegmans is great and I wish I had one near me, but . . . huh?

If you like tea or Nora Ephron or Maureen Johnson's Free Monkey stories or funny things, you must watch this.

Red Riding Hood: This could be amazing or awful. I can't decide. (And, yes, it looks an awful lot like Twilight, but that doesn't necessarily bother me.)
Jane Eyre: Just going with COMPLETELY AWESOME on this one.

William and Kate Forever!

As if the engagement weren't enough, William also rescued a guy on Snowdon the other day.

Anglophiles in America are pretty excited about the whole thing. Uh, yes. I could have told you that.

If Kate someday becomes queen, she'll be the first British queen to have attended college.

One of the funniest thing's I've ever read, about Will's college friend Jules.

Thanksgiving Links!

Jezebel has had a few good ones: what to wear, how to survive Thanksgiving with your family, how to properly feed your guests who have food restrictions and other issues.

The Awl has a great series of essays called The Real American Thanksgiving Cookbook.

The weird evolutionary story of cranberries

Other interesting things:

Read Housewives of God and then think about what it means when Palin calls herself a housewife. Meanwhile: Inside Sarah Palin's Inner Circle.

Daniel Day-Lewis is going to be Lincoln in Spielberg's biopic. Huh. Okay.

Apparently the Times is as confused by the Cathie Black appointment as the rest of us, because they put FOURTEEN reporters on a three-page profile.

Here's some info on a bunch of shows in development for next year.

The Royal Society's Lost Women Scientists

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