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July 28, 2010

Morning Coffee (7/28/10)

Morning Coffee

Welcome to Wednesday. Has this week already seemed endless to everyone, or is it just me? This was one of those mornings when I woke up and couldn't decide if I was sick or just tired. I'm going with "tired" and pretending I'm fine. So we'll see how THAT goes. The news isn't improving the day much: Plane crash in Pakistan! Wildfires in California! Immigration showdown in Arizona, which means that Joe Arpaio is on my TV right now. OF COURSE. That's not going to improve my day any. Just saying. Also, there was something about Warren Jeffs that NPR was talking about before I was quite awake.

A bit of good news: Dave Weigel: Hired by Slate! Which is, you know, owned by WaPo. Heee. Anyway, I'm thrilled: One of my favorite journalists at one of my favorite publications.

In TV land, the TCA press tour is getting underway, which means that I will never, ever catch up on the "Arts and Entertainment" folder in my Google Reader. Perhaps not a coincidence in timing: ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson quit last night, right in time for his successor to be able to not answer questions at press tour. It looks like his successor will not be Jordan McDeere, though, so my interest is limited. Go read that piece I linked, though, because it's actually way funnier than I expected.

I will not lie: Back-to-school themed commercials are cheering me up a bit. And hey, the fall TV season starts six weeks from tonight!

Would you like to see Nate (Chace Crawford) filming with his new girl (Katie Cassidy) on Gossip Girl? Here you go.

The Glee boys will be co-hosting the Teen Choice Awards with Katy Perry. Now all we need is confirmation that the Vampire Diaries cast will be there and I'll be all set.

You know how they're making a movie of the game Battleship? Rihanna is going to be in it. Well then.

New Formula 1 site in Austin!

TV Guide has all sorts of delightful information about season two of The Vampire Diaries. I cannot wait.

AMC is making a show about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad! I am perhaps a little too excited about this.

David Plotz and Hanna Rosin discuss their Netflix queue. I'd like to be Hanna Rosin when I grow up, please.

Glee news: Coach Tanaka is out. A few people I've never heard of are in.

Tristan from Gilmore Girls and Hannah from Pretty Little Liars are making an ABC Family Christmas movie. Sounds awful. I can't wait.

Billy Baldwin: going to Parenthood. I think he's the Gossip Girl Baldwin, right? Yeah.

Posted by Kat at July 28, 2010 08:00 AM
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