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July 28, 2010

The Gates 1.5: "Repercussions"

TV: The Gates

This episode started to pull me in a bit more, perhaps because people are finally starting to figure out what's going on. Click the link to keep reading . . .

Vamps: Nick seemed to accept the whole "vampire" concept a little too easily, but I'm not sure whether that was clumsy writing or actually some sort of clue about him. I always enjoy the vamp rules conversations on various shows: Looks like he has to be invited in. Holy water is fine, he doesn't sleep in a coffin, and I think he said garlic was okay. Notably, he didn't tell Nick any of the methods that do actually kill these vamps! They do seem to have vamp speed, and they're not allowed to kill people. I wonder who enforces this? It sounds like some kind of pact.

Nick and Dylan: I continue to be in favor of this reluctant bromance. And it seems Nick is too, as he demonstrates his trust for Dylan when be burns the paper with the location of Teresa's body. Dylan, however, does not seem so into it.

Marcus/Teresa: We know that Teresa is actually missing, but it seemed way too early for Marcus to be quite as concerned as he was. And Marcus isn't even being a very good cop when he decides to investigate on his own, because he's giving the Radcliffs time to coordinate their stories if necessary.

Andie: Oh, the poor thing. Googling "succubus." (One thing I love about this show - they actually use Google instead of Bing!) I like her relationship with her dad, and I hope it doesn't get too messed up as she figures all this stuff out, and when she inevitably eventually figures out that her dad had to kill her mom in self-defense. Scary. She and Charlie continue to be adorable together, so I hope they can make it work somehow. Take your medicine, Andie!

Devon/Vanessa/Frank: At one point, one of the women says "This thing between us has become rather boring, don't you think?" and, um, YES. I barely remember what this plotline even is. Oh, okay, Devon is Vanessa's husband's ex-wife. Whatever. The more interesting part is that Frank has a safe full of incriminating video of everyone in town, and Devon knows about it.

Overall themes: What stood out to me from this episode was that no one actually seems to feel like they fit in in the Gates, even though they all feel pretty strongly about living there. The idea of medicating away the supernatural aspects of themselves is interesting as well. Is it some sort of comment about using science to erase differences between people? Or am I thinking too much about a silly soap opera? Also notable this week: The absence of Harry Dresden Christian. Very sad.

Posted by Kat at July 28, 2010 09:00 AM
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