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January 28, 2010

Endnotes (1/28/10)


Farewell, Whole Foods. Ugh, and Atticus, while we're at it.

John McCain: Bigot. Sestak responds.

The Social Network, a.k.a the Aaron Sorkin Facebook movie, has had its opening date moved up to October 1. Who wants to go with me on opening night?

George Lucas is making a CGI musical involving fairies. Apparently he's entered his late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle period.

Warner Bros. has apparently decided to do not only Clash of the Titans but also the last two Harry Potter movies in 3D. I kind of feel like this is getting out of hand. Does everything need to be 3D? Really?

A period vampire epic could be awesome or, um, not. We'll see.

Tetris Tiles!

RIP J.D.Salinger and Howard Zinn. But Dissent magazine, uh, dissents.

Jody Rosen and Jonah Weiner on Taylor Swift's new song. I haven't actually heard it yet, but after reading that I'll be buying it tonight.

Quite possibly the most hope-inspiring sentence I've read all day: "Bradley Whitford is now officially an action hero." And hey, he's on the cover of a magazine.

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