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January 23, 2010

SAG Awards Liveblog


8:00: I don't even know who's hosting. Now they're just . . . introducing a lot of people? I'm not sure why. Anna Paquin's dress is a mess.

8:02: Now people are introducing themselves! Stop with the introductions! Edie Falco gives the President's bio instead of her own, which is kind of awesome. Aww, Cory Monteith. I won't complain about his intro.

8:04: Maybe there is no host. Here's Kate Hudson and Justin Timberlake. Her dress is bizarre - the front covers everything and the back isn't there at all. Are they hosting or presenting? I can't even tell. Okay, presenting. Male Actor in a Comedy Series. I watch none of these shows, and find it ridiculous that neither Matthew Morrison nor Neil Patrick Harris were nominated. Alec Baldwin wins and hugs his brother. Aww. Larry David is not clapping for him. Baldwin's speech is very pro-union. Negotiations coming up soon! Please don't go on strike, actors.

8:09: Inglourious Basterds people introducing a clip of the movie. Can someone please explain the "Basterds" spelling to me? Diane Kruger's shoulder is still bothering me. My brother loved this movie, but I think my dad didn't like it. I assume that means I wouldn't like it either, but I should probably give it a try.

8:10: It seems like someone tried really hard to make Simon Baker less attractive, but yay for his actual accent. I've already talked about Anna Paquin's dress, but - wow. Really not nice. This is Female Actor (Actress? Not sure how they phrased it) in a Comedy Series. Again, I don't watch any of these shows, and Lea Michele was robbed. But Tina Fey wins! I support that, on principle. She makes an NBC joke, of course.

8:15: Commercial for Valentine's Day. I know it looks awful, but I still want to see it, because that cast! I'll wait for Netflix, though.

8:17: It just occurred to me that I didn't eat dinner. Or, um, lunch. Next commercial break, I should heat up some leftovers.

8:19: We're back! Jane Lynch! We are "celebrat[ing] the artistry of funny." Hey, Danny Kaye! Is this just a sequence of random funny moments from things? Why? Some of them are not very funny. Lots of dancing. Lots of hitting. Most of these were not from this year, by the way. Okay. That was random.

8:22: Kyra Sedgwick and Ray Romano, for Outstanding Comedy Ensemble. Ray Romano says he's going off-script but it seems very planned. Okay, nominees. I should really start watching 30 Rock. I want Glee to win this, of course. And - they did! Yay! They all look so adorable and happy. And something about the way Matthew Morrison and Cory Monteith just hugged made me want to go look for teacher/student slash. Jane Lynch is doing the speech. "We also have the largest cast."

8:27: Precious stars introducing their movie clip. I should probably see this movie too, huh?

8:28: Helen Mirren, silver all over. Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role. I wanted to see Invictus but I think I missed it. Ooh, I want to see The Last Station too. I adore Christopher Plummer. I haven't seen any of these movies so I think I'm rooting for Plummer, although I loved Tucci in Julie and Julia. It goes to Christoph Waltz. His speech is a little incoherent. But he looks like he's actually crying, so points for that.

8:33: Commercial! Let's get food.

8:36: Okay, back with leftover spaghetti. They just showed a commercial for The Pregnancy Pact. I might feel compelled to liveblog that tomorrow. Just to warn you.

8:38: We're back! Felicity Huffman and Alec Baldwin. Felicity can't read the teleprompter. Aww. Alec is reading it all. Man, I miss Sports Night. This is Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series. The only one of these I watch is The Good Wife. And Julianna Margulies wins! Oh, there's Matt Czuchry hugging her. She's thanking the writers. I'm actually about ten episodes behind on this show. I should catch up. She pronounces Matt's last name "ZOOK-ri." Good to know. Thanking the cast, now her parents. They call her after every episode. Aww. Snakes on a Plane joke!

8:43: Jenna Fischer and Benjamin Bratt, drinking on stage a la Ricky Gervais. Is it real? Unclear. Outstanding Male Actor in a Drama Series. I'm pulling for Simon Baker but assuming Michael C. Hall will win. Yup. I loved him on Six Feet Under but have yet to watch Dexter. He's the second one (I think) to say the word "union" in his speech. Uh-oh. He seems to have taken the weird shiny suit torch from Mark Saling and Taylor Lautner last week.

8:46: Carey Mulligan introducing the clip from An Education. I really want to see this because I love Nick Hornby. And she's pretty adorable. I was unsure about her dress on the red carpet but I'm liking it here.

8:47: Christina Applegate and Chris O'Donnell, wearing blue ribbons. For Haiti? Not sure. I thought last week they were wearing red ribbons for Haiti. This is Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series. Again, The Good Wife is the only one I watch, but I'm guessing it will go to Dexter or Mad Men. (I know, I need to watch Mad Men.) Oh, or maybe they're feeling quirky and will give it to True Blood? Nope, Mad Men. (Have I mentioned how weird it seems that the award is called "the Actor"? It makes a lot of the statements awfully clunky.) Wow, Elisabeth Moss is very sparkly, and I like her hair here better than it was at the Golden Globes. Jon Hamm jokes that he told them all to grow beards and they didn't.

8:53: Commercial for From Paris With Love. Totally want to see that. I mean, John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers together? Hee!

8:57: Now for Ken Howard, the president of the Screen Actors Guild. This is only the 16th annual awards? Huh. He's talking about how great the actors are, but I'd like this to be a little more uniony. He's thanking George Clooney for the telethon. Back to the union. "We're all in this together," blah blah. Now thanking the Armed Forces. And the fellow entertainment unions. "We're all in this together." Again.

9:00: Sandra Bullock, introducing The Blind Side? No! Introducing Betty White for the life achievement award. I still can't decide how I feel about the top of Sandra's dress. She finds Betty White annoying because she makes her feel like a slacker. "She starred in four different shows called The Betty White Show. Four. Most people would stop naming shows after themselves after three." Lots of talk about how many Emmys she has, which seems a little weird at a different award show. Time for the Betty White bio movie, with a voiceover that really makes it sound like one of those documentaries they make for middle schools.

9:04: Apparently Betty White sings. I did not know that.

9:07: Wow, this is going on forever.

9:11: People have clapped for over a minute. Now Betty is speechifying. Honestly? I haven't seen much she's done and so don't really care much about this part.

9:18: Laura Ashley makes mattresses? This thought brought to you by a Sleepy's commercial.

9:19: Extraordinary Measures trailer. I am disappointed in the lack of "I already work around the clock!" And now a Men of a Certain Age ad. I wish I'd started watching that.

9:20: Anna Kendrick and Stanley Tucci. Odd combination. Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries. I have seen none of these. Drew Barrymore wins for Grey Gardens, which I didn't watch on principle, because isn't the whole point of the original that it's so unbelievable but actually true? Drew is stammering. "Again, I'm not used to this." Drew? If you have to say "again," you should be used to this. I do not find her messes of speeches cute or endearing. At all.

9:24: Here are three guys from The Hurt Locker. I'm afraid I didn't catch their names. I really hope this wins instead of Avatar for at least SOMETHING tonight.

9:25: Michelle Monaghan and Jon Hamm. Her dress also has only one sleeve, which I didn't even notice because of its blinding sparkly stripes the last time I saw it. Overall, a definite fail. This is Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries. I haven't seen any of these either. I sort of want Kevin Kline to win for Cyrano de Bergerac just because. Nope, Kevin Bacon. Kyra Sedgwick is very cutely excited for him. I'm not sure I like the black tie on black shirt with black jacket thing Bacon has going on.

9:29: Sigourney Weaver, whose dress also looks like it is falling off her shoulder and is generally sack-like. She's introducing the In Memoriam bit. I wonder if she wore black deliberately because of that? Oh, gosh, I forgot about Natasha Richardson. Ohh, Brittany Murphy. Ron Silver! I'm pretty sure that was a West Wing clip they used for him. I always wonder how they decide what order to put people in. It's obviously not alphabetical or chronological by date of birth or death. Patrick Swayze! Okay, now I'm all sad.

9:39: Morgan Freeman for Supporting Actress in a Feature Film. Penelope Cruz is very sparkly. Once again: seen none of these. I'm sorry; apparently I never watch anything. Mo'Nique wins. Shocking! Her dress is all nipply and clingy and - well, actually, it just looks like she needs to wear a slip. It's also pretty wrinkled. My father would not let me go out in a dress in that condition, is all I'm saying.

9:43: And now a bunch of people from Nine. I wanted that to be good - I love musicals - but I keep hearing it wasn't, so I'll wait for DVD.

9:50: Meryl Streep! I was uncertain about her patterned dress and big belt on the red carpet, but I think she's making it work. We're at Male Actor in a Leading Role. I haven't seen any of these but I'm pulling for Colin Firth as a matter of principle. (And I want to see all of them, actually.) And . . . Jeff Bridges. Again. He's saying "you guys" a lot. My father wouldn't approve of that either, while we're on the subject. He is rambly. They're telling him to wrap it up. He refuses. He's recommending his over-the-phone singing coach. Once again, he's making them show his wife, which is nice.

9:55: Warren Beatty. No jokes. Short intro. They must be out of time. Female Actor in a Leading Role. Helen Mirren should win because that's how the universe just works, right? She wins everything because she's awesome? Ooh, but Meryl Streep is up for Julie and Julia, and I DID see that! Three times! Oh my God! Sandra Bullock beat out them plus the Precious girl and Carey Mulligan? I am honestly shocked. Wait, Tim McGraw was in The Blind Side? THAT Tim McGraw? Huh. Okay, Bullock's speech is pretty cute, especially the part about her husband.

10:00: George Clooney, to present Cast of a Motion Picture. He just made some Betty White joke I didn't quite get. Again: I have seen none of these, but I want The Hurt Locker to win because of the Golden Globes situation. Nope! Inglorious Basterds. I have never seen a Tarantino movie. Perhaps this shall be the first.

10:03: And we're out!

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