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January 23, 2010

SAG Red Carpet Liveblog


Red carpet time! I'm starting a little late, so I'm fast forwarding through boring people to catch up . . .

6:22: Chris Colfer wants Julie Andrews to be on Glee! Yes! Wonderful idea. And Jenna Ushhowitz looks lovely.

6:27: Betty White's dark blue stripes are kind of unfortunate.

6:30: Patricia Arquette's dress looks extremely uncomfortable. And Tracy Morgan's date's dress looks like it's strangling her. And - his pickup line is "I'm going to get you pregnant"? Really?

6:33: I have never seen True Blood, but I approve of the cast's clothing choices so far.

6:35: Aww. Carey Mulligan brought her best friend. And Sarah Hyland seems to be having some sort of issue with her dress falling off.

6:38: Cory Monteith! Breaking: no A-list actresses hit on him at the Golden Globes. Also! He's single. His suit is much less shiny than it was at the Golden Globes, so that's a plus.

6:39: Stana Katic's dress looks like it would be really hard to pull off, but I think she's making it work. And I love her hair.

6:41: I feel like Christina Applegate's dress includes several elements I usually dislike, but somehow the combination works.

6:44: Amber Riley: It is not hard for us to find out your age. Stop trying to be cute.

6:46: Billy Baldwin is Alec Baldwin's date for the evening. They are making fun of Stephen. Hee. Alec seems annoyed that Giuliana keeps asking whether things in It's Complicated were in the script. Of course they were! Wait, he and Steve Martin are hosting the Oscars? Huh.

6:55: I didn't catch the name of this person from Modern Family, but her black and white one-sleeve thing is a bit alarming. I'm over the one-sleeve thing in general, actually.

6:57: Please show us the rest of Anna Kendrick's dress, glam cam. I thought she was actually really good in New Moon. Shades of Cordelia Chase, no?

6:58: Tina Fey, asking who criticized her dress last week. I actually liked her Golden Globes dress. Obviously she's playing it safe this week. I like the purple but her dress has this weird gaping pockety thing right in front that is really unflattering. And I feel this neckline really calls for a necklace.

7:01: Jane Lynch! Giuliana made her a PBJ. Hah. Her dress is nicely swoopy. I love full skirts, and it's an interesting blue.

7:02: Justin Timberlake! Not sure about the dark shirt. But he's cute so he gets a pass.

7:03: Oh, Mark Salling. No fad diets, please. I am iffy on the two-tone suit.

7:07: Wow. Sarah Paulson's Holly Hunter impression really is right on, huh? As soon as Hunter started talking, I thought "Huh, that's the person Sarah Paulson imitates!"

7:11: Speaking of Sorkin alums, there's Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy! Macy tweeted that Paul McCartney gave him his scarf, fwiw.

7:15: Someone is wearing very unfortunate white feathers, but they didn't put her name up and I don't quite recognize her.

7:17: They could stop this "Gigi" and "Ross-Ross" thing ANY TIME NOW. And Diane Kruger's dress looks like it's falling off one shoulder, although I'm sure it was designed that way.

7:18: Lea Michele's dress is pretty but I honestly don't think anyone's neckline needs to be at their belly buttons. I love her hair down and curly, though. Oh, yes, Justin Timberlake would also be a great guest star.

7:20: Julia Louis-Dreyfus's dress is quite possibly the worst yet, but I love how she's talking about Giuliana's dress instead.

7:22: Justin Timberlake! I've decided that the blue shirt is okay, but the issue is the bowtie being blacker than the suite. Wait. Why is Giuliana dancing?? Stop, please. JT says he'd be on Glee! Yay! And now he's talking about the Facebook movie. Also yay. He looks sort of like T.J. Thyne, no? I never noticed that before.

7:29: Sandra Bullock seems to have lost track of her husband (?). I can't decide whether I like her dress. It almost looks like she's wearing should pads. Hrm.

7:30: Amber Riley's dress doesn't quite fit.

7:32: Matthew Morrison! Apparently Giuliana is feeling him up and he's very muscular. He has a man crush on Justin Timberlake. Yes! Get him on Glee! They're showing him and Chace Crawford on the glam cam 360 thing. I kind of love that he and Chace are buddies. Now he's talking about his record deal. He'll be recording on the weekends. He looks extremely nice, by the way. Of course.

7:34: Marion Cotillard is doing slightly better with the clothes thing than she'd been doing lately, but it's awfully feathery.

7:35: Jon Hamm's beard is delightful. That is all.

7:35: I would like Nancy Carrell's dress if it were all one color. Alas, it is not.

7:36: I don't watch Kyra Sedgwick's show, but I like her dress.

7:41: The E! guy is talking about the new Footloose movie. I thought that had been cancelled?

7:43: Paula Patton, repeat after me: The front bustle never works.

7:44: Julianna Margulies's neckline has a little too much going on there.

7:45: John Krasinski is looking dapper. Jennifer Carpenter's dress is just baffling. Are her sleeves longer than her skirt? Jessalyn Gilsig has unfortunate crotch-area gathering on her dress.

7:48: Indy Racing League commercial! Nifty. And yes, that means I am now caught up.

7:52: Michelle Monaghan's dress makes my eyes hurt. Hey, Colin Firth! Lovely as always. And they cut right from Colin to Matthew Morrison. Are they trying to kill me with the hotness?

7:54: Agh! The architecture of Drew Barrymore's dress is alarming. Helen, Mirren, however, is beautiful as always.

7:58: Adam Lambert: not watching American Idol. Hah.

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