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October 22, 2008

Daily Reading (10/22/08)

Daily Reading


Are traders worth their money?

Was the Lehman loss all that bad?

Maybe the bailout will be profitable.

How will Treasury pick the banks to save?


Al-Qaeda Web sites show support for McCain

Who's actually running, again?

The RNC buys Palin a $150K wardrobe. Personally, I don't really care what her clothes cost - unless the RNC paying for them is of questionable legality. So I'm going to wait and see on that one. I will also say that I now want them to take back everything they said about Edwards's $400 hair cut.

Sarah Palin's college years left no lasting impression. Um, yeah, that's the less-than-neutral-sounding headline, but it sounds like they're saying it's literally true. Interesting.

Catharine MacKinnon: Obama is the way forward for women.

Ron Elving: Why can't the presidential polls just get along?

Ruth Marcus: The 'Socialist' Scare

There's nothing new about spreading the wealth.

Coming up in Sunday's Times magazine: a pre-post-mortem on the McCain campaign.

More on voter fraud: Block the Vote and Voter Registration Flashpoints

In Endgame, Metrics are Adding Up for Obama

Is Palin setting herself up for 2012? That would probably be the best course of action for her at this point.

And, of course, police are preparing for riots. Yes, this is part of why I can't think about election day without feeling sick. I'm half-convinced that there will be some sort of violence regardless of the outcome.

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