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October 21, 2008

Daily Reading (10/21/08)

Daily Reading

Arts and Culture:

The Atlantic, one of my favorite magazines, has a new design. Read about it here

A fascinating look at the term paper market. It's too bad I'm so darn ethical, because it actually sounds kind of fun.

NPR social networking now has groups.

World News:

Bush Decides to Keep Guantanamo Open


Not that we're surprised, but the IMF is bailing out Iceland.

Don't Blame the CRA

Religious leaders speak out about the crisis.


Obama is taking a break from campaigning to visit his seriously ill grandmother. Get well soon, Mrs. Dunham!

A North Carolina Congressman claims that liberals "hate real Americans." Yeah. Goes nicely with Palin's statement that there are "pro-America areas" of the country and Bachmann's whole thing about anti-American views held by Obama and other senators.

Obama will be in Chicago's Grant Park on election night. Personally, I can't even say or type "election night" without feeling ill.

Trying to figure out the differences between all the polls? Here's a tracking poll primer.

Many Holes in Disclosure of Nominees' Health

Fareed Zakaria endorses Obama.

Hitchens: Stop covering Palin until she gives a press conference.

Spencer Ackerman on the movie W.

Gail Collins and David Brooks have a kind of hilarious back-and-forth about early voting.

Let's not forget that both sides have people doing bad things.

How Obama quietly targets blacks.

Racists for Obama?

Oh good, time to start worrying about this: How accurate are exit polls?

Beyond Diebold: 10 Ways to Steal This Election

McCain targets white Clinton strongholds.

Sarah Palin? Not as outsidery as she says.

McCain supporters heckle early voters. Charming.

Early voters report that voting machines are switching their votes from Obama to McCain. Eek.

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