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November 01, 2007

Hey, it's November!

Of course I can knit that before Christmas.

Wow! How did that happen? Guess I'd better get going on all that holiday knitting, huh? Actually, I have been working on it, but most of the people for whom I'm knitting at least check here from time to time, so I don't want to post pictures. We'll see.

(Sorry for disappearing on you. I think I'm sort of back.)

Update: Two more signs of the season: I heard my first snow prediction on the way home today (not for here, but for elsewhere in my very small state, so it counts), and the winter Interweave Knits arrived! Wheee!

Posted by Kat at November 1, 2007 10:09 AM

Enjoy the knitting! Post some photos, please....

Posted by: Jody at November 1, 2007 09:38 PM
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