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June 30, 2007

Review: Triangle

2007 Finishes: Books

Triangle by Katharine Weber
Genre: Literature
Pages: 242
Rating: 4.7

On one level, this novel is the "What really happened at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire?" historical semi-mystery that one would expect from the covers and blurbs. But it's also so much more. The novel focuses on the last living survivor of the fire, her granddaughter, the granddaughter's partner (a composer - there's some very interesting stuff here about the intersection of music and science), and an academic studying the fire. All of their feelings and motivations play out in different ways as they struggle to piece together what actually happened on that infamous day. One of the big "secrets" was pretty obvious to me from the beginning, but that didn't decrease my enjoyment of the book. A few things wrapped up a little too neatly at the very end, but other than that, I loved this novel.

Posted by Kat at June 30, 2007 11:52 AM
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