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February 07, 2007

Review: Forever in Blue

2007 Finishes: Books

I'm actually a few reviews behind, so let's see if I can catch up by the end of the week...

Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares
Genre: Young adult
Pages: 400
Rating: 4.2

I've loved this whole series, although I thought the first was the best, and the third not quite as good as the others. I was happy to find that the fourth was mostly great. These books tell the story of four teenage girls who are lifelong friends, and how their friendships develop and change as they grow up. The characters are nicely multidimensional, only occasionally falling into stereotypes. With four girls to work with, Brashares can have them face a wide variety of adolescent issues without making it seem too forced.

How much background information to repeat at the beginning of a later series title is always a difficult question. I think Brashares could have repeated more in this case. In the first several chapters, I was distracted by trying to remember what was going on which character's life. The first third of the book dragged a bit, but then it drew me in and I was sad to see the book, and the series, end. If you like young adult literature, definitely give these a try.

Posted by Kat at February 7, 2007 11:00 AM

Feels like I'm 2 years behind on blog reading-yuk. Everyone is liking this series, my girls included. I'm a little jealous that they have more time to read than I;) Now to catch up on your posts...

Posted by: Carol at February 7, 2007 08:28 PM

I haven't read that one, yet. I liked the first one, and the second was ok, too.

Posted by: Arleta at February 9, 2007 01:54 PM

This book was so good! The first one was the best. The second was good, third good. But fourth the is so good! Hope yall liked it!

Posted by: Allie at October 23, 2008 05:09 PM
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