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January 01, 2007

The UFO Resurrection Challenge has officially begun!

2007 UFO Resurrection Challenge

The list of participants should be in the sidebar by the time you read this. If I've left you off the list, let me know. We also have a wonderful button, made by Kat of Kat Knits:


A few things I wanted to mention:

1. There's still time to sign up! Deadline is January 31.

2. Please try to post each month about the item that you're working on or frogging.

3. You don't have to finish the item within the month. You just have to honestly add it back into your rotation of active projects. For example, I might get out a barely-started lace shawl in February, work on it along with one or two other things for a few months, and not finish it until May. That's fine - as long as you're actively working on it, it's no longer a UFO.

Any other questions? Let me know.

What will everyone be working on first? I have an almost-done green cotton baby blanket, and at least five friends expecting babies in the spring, so I think I know what I'll be working on...

Posted by Kat at January 1, 2007 12:27 PM

Cool button! So, I can copy it to my computer and put it on my blog? Do I link it to you?

Posted by: Arleta at January 1, 2007 03:20 PM

Sign me up! I am definately in.

Great idea!


Posted by: Jenni at January 1, 2007 04:05 PM

I plan on pulling out Starsky and finally getting it done! Thanks for providing such a great motivator!

Posted by: Disentangled at January 1, 2007 09:21 PM

i'm going to pull out something that will help with one of my knit-goals too - the cotton tots that was going to be a dishcloth blanket but I decided to turn into a kimono. You know my kimono knit goal ;) Speaking of, let me do that while i'm on here nak too.

Posted by: aisling at January 1, 2007 10:34 PM

I pulled a pair of purple socks from the stash. The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch, and I put them aside because the yarn is nastily splitty. I have to look at them constantly, which isn't the point of socks for me... lol. So that's what I'll be posting on. Pretty socks, though. Glad I'm working on them, actually.

Posted by: carrie at January 2, 2007 07:52 AM

My first project will be a purse that I crocheted but never lined and put together.

Posted by: Vera at January 2, 2007 01:20 PM

OhOhOh!! I have LOTS of UFOs to throw into the WIP pile. I am sending an email now. Please sign me up!!

Posted by: Kimberly at January 2, 2007 03:25 PM

Now this is something I definitely need to sign up for. :)

Sign me up!

Posted by: KnitSteph at January 2, 2007 04:33 PM

Please sign me up. One of my resolutions is finish the UFOs or throw them out, so this is just what I need

Posted by: smug sheep at January 2, 2007 04:46 PM

sounds perfect forme, ;-)

Posted by: Judy at January 2, 2007 07:45 PM

I pulled out a shawl that just needs the rick rack lace added. It's from Weekend Knitting, no way is that shawl a weekend knit.

Posted by: Chris at January 2, 2007 09:05 PM

OMG this is so me! Please sign me up. Thank you!

Posted by: Celia at January 3, 2007 11:44 AM

I'm in! First up...My mother's Christmas socks and my father's Christmas scarf...better late than never!

Posted by: Krista M at January 3, 2007 12:35 PM

Sign me up! I love this idea. Hopefully it will help me to commit to actually working on some of the UFOs floating around my stash.

Posted by: Mindy at January 3, 2007 03:18 PM

I threw the nearly finished SnB catbed side in with my xmas knitting for my New Year's travel (5 hr drive). The xmas gifts didn't get finished, but I got a good amount of work done on the cat bed on the drive home yesterday. (I had forgotten about the challenge til I was knitting on it.) a few more rows and some finishing, and my kitty will finally have a completed bed.

Posted by: Christy at January 3, 2007 04:59 PM

Great idea, I'm in. I have a (heh, like thats the only UFO I have) a lacy baby shrug.

You go Krista! Your right better late than never.

Posted by: Candace at January 3, 2007 07:19 PM

This is great, please sign me up. I've been trying to modivate myself to finish some things for a while and I think this may be just what I need. Thanks for running it. :)

Posted by: Theresa at January 3, 2007 09:28 PM

I've resurrected the yummy Bearfoot "Crossover Rib" (Sensational Knitted Socks, Charlene Schurch)socks that I started last spring and had the brightest intentions of wearing to Reinbeck. That was a pipe dream.

Posted by: Erica at January 4, 2007 01:29 PM

I am working on a couple sweaters for the kids that have been long forgotten, by me that is, definitely not by them.

Posted by: Monica at January 4, 2007 03:02 PM

Hi, Count me in. I have *at least* 12 UFOs. I think the January entrant will be a sock that's 7/8ths done (second sock not started).

Posted by: Becca at January 7, 2007 11:29 AM

Hi, can I join? Right now I have: 1 baby blanket for a niece being born on Wednesday; 1 cowl-neck tank top; 1 lace shawl; 3 pairs of socks; 1 pair of mittens; gauge swatches for a project that keeps changing; and loads of yarn. As UFOs go, one of the socks probably qualifies the most because I've been ignoring the second sock, but I should probably work on the blanket first since it actually has a deadline.

Posted by: Erika at January 7, 2007 11:21 PM

I want to join! I actually just resurrected my very oldest UFO on Saturday - you can read about it on my blog. It's a monstrosity of a blanket that's actually very close to *an* endpoint, if not the endpoint I originally imagined. And of course there's the sweater... several scarves I got bored with... a few half-done socks... the belated hat and scarf I promised my mother for Christmas... Oy. I *need* this UFO-along!

Posted by: Cornflake at January 8, 2007 05:30 PM

Sounds like fun, count me in. I have 3 or 4 hats that are half or three-quarters done from the first pre-op crazy spree, a couple of scarfs and afghans that I need to finish. :D

Posted by: Amy at January 9, 2007 05:14 PM

Boy do I need this! Please sign me up!

Posted by: Rebecca at January 10, 2007 11:37 PM

Maybe I should join. Have this shawl project, Adamas, on needles for MONTHS...

Posted by: Tiphanie at January 14, 2007 01:21 PM

Hey, I'm in too! I've got three sweaters started (one about 2/3 done, one just a sleeve, and the other on a few inches), some fingerless gloves and a pair of socks.

Posted by: Debbie at January 15, 2007 01:52 AM

I just finished my January UFO, an Adamas shawl I had been from October until early December. It's so nice to have one fewer UFO lying around! Thanks for the inspiration, I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing.

Posted by: Megan at January 17, 2007 11:23 PM

Yay--I frogged a sweater I've been hanging onto for ages for January (and blogged it). I have an adamas shawl to frog too--I plan to try something easier first. Also two lace cardigans to finish and one chenille one that I just have to sew together! Then I have a pair of socks for my Dad's birthday--I'm halfway through one, and his birthday was in September. That will take me thruogh June and I'm positive I will have more to finish by then.

Posted by: Kirsty at January 18, 2007 09:33 AM

Me too, please!

Posted by: Miss T at January 18, 2007 10:11 AM

A Sheep Shawl. A ridiculously close to finished Sheep Shawl.

Posted by: Linda at January 19, 2007 08:37 PM

Sign me up! I'm unofficially tagging along anyway.

Posted by: Carrie K at January 20, 2007 09:52 PM

Sign me up! I've got a stripy sock without a mate, 1/4 of 2 rugs, a couple of half finished bags, and a wrap that won't end. I need the incentive. Does blocking finished projects count toward UFOs? Then add 4 other things. I think I'm set till Halloween!

Posted by: RoxieKatz at January 22, 2007 12:18 PM

Hi, Boy do I ever need this incentive! I hope I can join all of you. I have so many ufo's, I've lost track. I think the one I would start first would be my grandson's Wonderful Wallaby. Please let me know if I can join you. Thanks, Donna

Posted by: Donna at January 22, 2007 02:45 PM

I think this is a great idea! I'm sure that I can find 12 UFO's :)

Posted by: Angela at January 22, 2007 06:27 PM

Don't see my name on the list yet, but have signed up on Ringsurf - please add me as I've accepted your challenge and am knitting away!

Posted by: Lea at January 24, 2007 11:27 PM
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