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January 21, 2006

Go Team!


I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for the Superbowl. No, really. Thanks to its Superbowl sale, my LYS will be open on a Sunday, so I can go get yarn for my Knitting Olympics project. Between the two jobs, I am at work for all of my preferred yarn store's regular hours of business, so this is quite a treat. Anyway. (As long as I can find the magazine with the pattern in it,) I've decided on Nancy Bush's Cable and Rib Socks from the Fall 2005 IK. I hope to find some of the Bearfoot the pattern calls for - I know they carry it, but it tends to sell out quickly. If there's none of that, I'll probably go with either Weaver's Wool (same brand) or, um, that stuff from that other company that is basically the same. Yeah. Oh, Cherry Tree Hill. Right.

That said, here are my Olympic buttons:
knittingolympics-1.jpg USsockteam.gif
I'm getting rather excited about this.

I've been having some... control issues, or "WTF is going on with my life??" issues, or something, which is one of the reasons I haven't been blogging much. We don't have to get into how this manifests itself, but it's not fun. So. I've decided that this is one of those weekends during which getting things done will actually make me more "relaxed" for the coming week than actually relaxing would. Or something. I've found a self-imposed writing assigment - a call for submissions for a short story anthology, 5000 words max, due March 16. I'm not terribly optimistic about my chances, but at least it is a manageable goal and will (I hope) get me into the swing of writing. So tomorrow I'm going to go to my favorite local cafe, to which I haven't been in months, and bang out a draft.

I also need to finish something, if only to help with the control issues above. I have three Netflix discs, several books I'm reading, and, well, dozens of knitting WIPs, but a few that are awfully close to being done. I'm feeling... scattered. So. By tomorrow evening, I hope to have accomplished the following:

Watch at least two DVDs
Finish at least three knitting projects
Finish at least two books
Write a short story draft
Various housework (won't bore you with the details)
Various paperwork (ditto)
Blog about it. WITH PICTURES. (To get back toward my daily blogging goal.)

Wish me luck!

Posted by Kat at January 21, 2006 07:28 PM

Good luck, Kat! Didja like the part in 10 Things... with the guidance counselor and the "Cat. Kat."?

Posted by: Lauren at January 21, 2006 07:35 PM

I'll be rooting for you, Kat!

My goal for tomorrow is to finish the first of my self-designed yoga socks. I'm almost to the non-heel now, working non-toe up. :)

Posted by: Folkcat at January 21, 2006 10:47 PM

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