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December 30, 2010

Morning Coffee (12/30/10)

Morning Coffee

Hello! Let's try to get back on track, (she says as she prepares to travel to CT yet again). Some of these links are pretty old at this point, but they provide interesting information/viewpoints even if the particular issues (START, Christmas) have been resolved.

Top 10 of 2010 from Dana Stevens, my favorite movie critic.

Two longish pieces you should really take the time to read: Christopher Beam on libertarianism and thisBoston Globe expose on retired generals taking jobs with defense firms.

Scholars enlist the public to transcribe papers

A modernized Latina Sense and Sensibility? Starring Camilla Belle? I am . . . cautiously intrigued.

Best headline ever? Senate passes... everything.

Yglesias on START

Sugar plums: They're not what you think.

Why it's still okay to hate Joe Lieberman.

I don't think there's even much debate about the worst song of 2010.

This article about the last Kennedy leaving Washington (for now) made me cry, because I'm a dork.

The recently-widowed Julie Andrews is getting a lifetime Grammy.

Curb Your Bipartisanship

I don't like Hockney's iPad nonsense either.

Remembering Grandmother's French Christmas Cake

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