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December 03, 2010


CHEER , Holiday Music , Morning Coffee

Happy Friday! My God, it has not come a moment too soon. One of my goals for the weekend is to finish planning out my baking and card-sending and all that. Wish me luck.

This Steve Martin story is completely ridiculous. Really, people? Really?

The Times has named their Ten Best Books of the year.

The real-life Swedish murder that came before Larsson and Mankell.

The state of the Hannukah song.

There are no Kennedys in Congress right now. Who's next?

Even when you look at it from a purely economic standpoint, Republican opposition to extending unemployment benefits makes no sense.

Hannukah, Rekindled

I liked this article about the NYT selling their share of the Red Sox just for this line:

Even in 2002, the general consensus was that a print newspaper with $75 million to invest would have been better served throwing the money--literally throwing it--at the first programmer, TED panelist, or bronchial hobo who said he had an idea for making money off the Web.
But I'd also forgotten they owned the Sox!

The WikiLeaks cables as literature

The Atlantic's Ideas of the Year

What's with Betsy Rothstein?

I like Doctor Who as much as the next girl, but I'd only pay $4500 for a TARDIS bed if the Doctor actually CAME WITH IT.

Posted by Kat at December 3, 2010 08:13 AM

That Steve Martin story is horrifying! While I'm all for novelists/television episodes/life completely catering to me and my desires, I have no expectation that not only should it happen but if it doesn't, I'll get my money back.

Hey. Where do I go to get back the 2 hours I spent in the movie house watching Pelican Brief? Geez Louise.

Huh. I have not read a single one of those top 10 books.

Posted by: Carrie#K at December 3, 2010 05:04 PM
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