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October 27, 2010

Morning Coffee (10/27/10)

Morning Coffee

Oh, hi! I have a blog! Right! So... here's the deal. NaNoWriMo starts on Monday, so I'm currently trying to get various things squared away before that. During NaNo, blogging will likely be reduced - I'll try to keep up with Morning Coffee (with NaNo updates) and Song of the Day, but no promises about anything else, at least not every day. And then I'll reassess my posting schedule when we get to December. I want to work on writing more longer posts, which probably means fewer shorter posts, and... well, we'll see.

I assume we've all heard about the ridiculous Marie Claire "overweight people are gross and shouldn't be on TV" thing, but if not, here's the original article and here's Jezebel's take.

KITTEN BOMB OF CUTENESS. (Although, really, if there's someone next door who rescues cats - maybe someone was trying to leave them THERE?)

What happened to the Newsweek/Daily Beast merger?

Fox News and gold

Posted by Kat at October 27, 2010 07:58 AM
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