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October 12, 2010

Morning Coffee (10/12/10)

Morning Coffee

So, we have a problem. The almighty web filters at my office are cracking down, and they have decided that my site is "pornography." (Why? No idea.) This is a problem because the way this usually works is that I write posts in the evenings or the morning before I go to work, and then go in and hit Publish at various points throughout the day so they show up for you nicely spaced instead of all at once. For today, I think I'll try publishing from the phone or iPad, so we'll see how that goes. But it does mean that the timing might be a little weird, and that I won't be able to approve comments until the evening. (And if you tell me about a typo or coding error, I won't be able to fix that until the evening either.) Thanks for your patience!

For those of us writing a novel in November and using iPads: A NaNoWriMo iPad Toolkit. I actually haven't decided whether to write on my iPad this year. Thoughts, anyone?

Has the fall TV season failed us?

You may have heard that Nick Hornby and Ben Folds have collaborated on an album. Now, for NYMag, Hornby picks his favorite music and Folds picks his favorite books. They're calling this a big shocking "switcheroo," but given that Hornby has written a book about his favorite music, I'm not sure how much of a departure this is. But still interesting! (Folds picks one of Hornby's books, but Hornby doesn't pick one of Folds's songs. Heh.)

Posted by Kat at October 12, 2010 08:00 AM
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