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September 22, 2010

Morning Coffee (9/22/10)

Morning Coffee

It's Wednesday. Yesterday, the Senate dashed all our hopes and dreams (heh) by voting down the DREAM Act and not repealing DADT. Sigh. Also, Larry Summers is leaving.

In TV land, premiere week continues, and it's looking like the first fatality may be Lone Star, which was very, very good, but which no one watched. Why, Nielson families, why???

The SEO issue with $#*! My Dad Says had occurred to me, but I hadn't even thought about not being able to type the name on a DVR remote. Heeeeee.

That Stewart/Colbert rally is, um, maybe not such a great idea after all. It's more important to actually vote, folks!

Alyssa makes actual good points about my vague "the rapping doesn't really work" comment on Glee. I completely agree that "the songs work better when there's some tangential connection between the characters and the material," and this, by the way, is my main issue with the musical theme episodes - I'd rather have songs that actually relate to the plot than a bunch of Lady GaGa for no particular reason.

Bening and Moore are competing against each other for Best Actress nominations for The Kids Are All Right. Really brings home how heteronormative the standard awards categories are . . .

The Gossip Girl Superfan Quiz I got 39/50. You?

Posted by Kat at September 22, 2010 09:00 AM
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