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September 20, 2010

Parenthood 2.1: "I Hear You, I See You"

TV: Parenthood

Those wacky Bravermans are back! Yay! Read on for a breakdown of the premiere by character . . .

The parents: Marriage counseling! Hmm. I still kind of hate the dad.

Adam: Don't steal your sister's idea! He does do everything for everyone, all the time. And he stays quite attractive while doing it. I am rather enjoying the addition of Billy Baldwin and his iPad. Makes Adam's work life much more interesting.

Kristina: I was really annoyed at her about the whole driving thing, until that end scene when she talked about how afraid she was, and that did a good deal to redeem her.

Haddie: Poor thing. I don't think her mother is the right person to teach her to drive here. I loved her interaction with Max in this episode. She's becoming one of my favorite characters.

Max: He's hugging people! He wants to have a sleepover! Remarkable progress. And yay, Minka Kelly is back!

Sarah: I'd been thinking for a while that the obvious thing would be to have Adam give her a job, but I'm really glad that they waited until she did something concrete to earn it, so it wouldn't seem like charity.

Sarah's kids: Mysteriously absent for most of the episode!

Julia: Did they really not discuss how they were going to handle talking about sex with Sydney? You'd think someone like Julia would have a big plan for that well in advance, but maybe this was supposed to show how oblivious she is. And now she suddenly wants a new baby! Hmmm.

Joel: Poor thing, having to help the crazy dad. But he finally stood up for himself! Yay! This baby plotline should be interesting for him.

Crosby: So he didn't move to New York. Okay. Jabar and Jasmine are visiting! Yay! Wait, no, they're not. I'm suspecting that something is going on that Jasmine isn't telling him, but maybe not. It seems like they're setting something up with Crosby and Gaby. That might be interesting.

Posted by Kat at September 20, 2010 05:00 PM

i'm very pro Crosby & Minka Kelly having some intrigue. this wasn't my favorite episode of all time -- mainly because Mae Whitman plays my #1 character and she was basically absent -- but I find myself saying, "I hear you, I see you" in my head a LOT now. and then i chuckle like a crazy person.

Posted by: crissy calhoun at September 20, 2010 05:46 PM
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