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September 16, 2010

Morning Coffee (9/16/10)

Morning Coffee

Good morning, and happy Thursday. And that, of course, means that it's Vampire Diaries day! Whee. Anyone else feeling really ready for a weekend? Yeah. Kelly Ayotte won her primary, by the way, so I can stop trying to remember how to pronounce "Ovide" now.

Wait, I was just looking at movie times for tomorrow and saw there are currently two movies out starring Justin Long. That seems a little random. And I haven't even heard of Alpha and Omega. I suppose it's probably less Greek than it sounds. (What I'm actually going to see: Easy A.)

Nancy Grace was just on GMA, and I realized that I always think of Sarah Paulson's impression of her as the real thing, and the real thing as some sort of parody. Huh.

Random GMA question: Their huge wide mugs are really cute, but do they actually drink out of them? On TV? While wearing nice clothes? If I tried to drink out of a mug that wide, I'd had coffee all over myself every morning.

ABC is making a new drama about a fictional vice president. It won't be The West Wing, so we'll all be disappointed, but we can at least pretend enthusiasm for the moment.

Here's some guest star news about The Good Guys.

TV's Hottest Teachers Max Medina! Will Schuester! Ezra Fitz! Alaric Saltzman at #1! I approve. And man, I had managed to totally forget about that Gossip Girl plot. But no Giles???

Here's an interview with Ian Somerhalder in which the interviewer somewhat inexplicably doesn't understand why Somerhalder cares about the oil spill. Huh.

Posted by Kat at September 16, 2010 09:00 AM
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