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September 15, 2010

Morning Coffee (9/15/10)

Morning Coffee

Happy Wednesday morning! I'm glad I gave up on staying up until the NH Republican Senate primary had a winner, because they're still counting. You can see New Hampshire results at NHPR.org. Annie Kuster beat Katrina Swett, though, so yay. Elsewhere, Christine O'Donnell shockingly beat Mike Castle in Delaware, which means that that seat might stay Democratic after all.

I liked this story about a female sports reporter in a locker room MUCH better when it was a plot on Sports Night. GMA is being completely ridiculous about the whole thing at the moment. Not that I'm surprised. It doesn't matter what a woman is wearing, people! Harrassing her isn't okay! Oh, Cokie Roberts, I expected better from you.

My Boys has been cancelled. Boo.

What TV show represents your home state? Yes, I am more than happy to claim Gilmore Girls.

NYMag's Gossip Girl reality index is back!

Would you like to see a preview for season six of Supernatural that includes shirtless Sam Winchester? Of course you would. Here you go.

Posted by Kat at September 15, 2010 09:00 AM

Not surprisingly, D.C. does not appear on their list, but I suppose if it did, we'd be The West Wing. Not that had anything to actually do with the residents (other than a) a periodic shot of a Georgetown rowhouse if they were focusing on a homelife story arc; b) the episode where they discussed school vouchers and featured D.C.'s mayor; or c) the episode where Charlie rattled off the price of milk at various D.C. stores.

But, then, I don't suppose I can think of many places back home that resembled Stars Hollow, either, so I suppose I'm being pedantic (and possibly picayune).

Posted by: sprite at September 15, 2010 09:54 AM

I think we kind of called it for My Boys, didn't we? Or maybe you called it on the internet and I called it in my head. Sad. Oh well. This season wasn't the best. If they didn't want it to be cancelled they should have made it better!

And - I LOVE that Maine is represented by Murder, She Wrote. Too bad I'm from Mass. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in their selections. I mean, seriously - no Cheers?! Their selections for PA were spot-on, though. And, distressingly - Montana does not exist in TV land!!

Posted by: your cousin Liz at September 15, 2010 08:04 PM
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