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September 14, 2010

Morning Coffee (9/14/10)

Morning Coffee

Happy Tuesday! That means primary day here in New Hampshire and in a few other states. There's not really much for Democrats to vote on where I live, though. The only seriously contested race on my ballot is for county register of deeds (why not registrar? I have no idea), and I've been unable to find anything online about either candidate. My big question: Will I ever consistently remember how to pronounce the "Ovide" in "Ovide Lamontagne"? Probably not.

In TV news, tonight we have the premieres of One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, and Parenthood, and the season finale of Covert Affairs. Wheee.

I have a work-related luncheon today, but it's from one to 5:30. So what will we be doing besides lunching? I'm so curious. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Are you in New Hampshire and need to know where and when to vote or how to register? WMUR has you covered.

Jezebel writes Shakespearean Ed Westwick fanfic.

Two more must-read Vampire Diaries "The Return" recaps:
Lucia at Heroine TV
Cindy McLennan at Television without Pity

Posted by Kat at September 14, 2010 09:00 AM
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