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September 08, 2010

Morning Coffee (9/8/10)

Morning Coffee

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to the fall TV season! Hellcats, America's Next Top Model, and Terriers start tonight, and I'll have reviews of two of those for you tomorrow or Friday. In honor of this momentous occasion (ha!), it's going to be a list sort of day around here. First I'll round up my five favorite new summer shows, now that the seasons are winding down. Then this afternoon I'll give you the top ten returning shows I'm most excited about and ten new shows I'm looking forward to checking out.

In the world of real news: Daley is retiring! Will Rahm run for mayor? We'll see! I'm trying to ignore all the September 11 anniversay/Koran burning nonsense because it just makes me crazy. Also, Texas is very wet. Stay safe, everyone in hurricane-prone locations!

And on a personal note, my computer is headed in for surgery again - and it's staying a few days for observation this time - so posting may be somewhat erratic. Please think happy motherboard thoughts.

If you like pretty boys, check out Vampire Diaries.net where there are, and I quote, "more white tank tops on [the] front page right now than a high school gym class."

Why America Is Addicted to Olive Garden

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The Times takes on Shatner.

Holding Wal-Mart Accountable

I'm not wild about Google's Schmidt's vision of the future of search.

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